Exclusive Interview with Margaret Stohl, Author of ICONS and Co-Author of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES

We sat down with Margaret Stohl, co-author of the CASTER CHRONICLES as well as its spinoff series, DANGEROUS CREATURES, and author of the thrilling new ICONS series at Comic-Con for a quick chat about her newest projects (though unfortuately, this was before the #MarvelYA announcement!) Take a look!


What was the biggest challenge in creating your protagonist in ICONS?

She’s just so dark. And I felt very dark when I was writing it. So maybe I didn’t always want to face all the things that the character had been feeling.

Now that you’ve both started individual series after the collaboration on BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, was coming back together for DANGEROUS CREATURES easier or harder?

Easier, easier! We were like old shoes for each other.

Ridley is such an anti-hero. What was it like writing for her point-of-view?

It’s really interesting making, changing, evolving a side character into a main character and seeing there’s really no such thing as an all-bad girl.

Of the new characters introduced in DANGEROUS CREATURES, which is your favorite and why?

I like Link’s whole new band. They’re hilarious to me. I love Siren Song, the band.


IDOLS, the second book in Margaret Stohl’s ICONS series, is out now!

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