Exclusive Interview with Sophie Curtis, Star of INNOCENCE

INNOCENCE is the latest indie YA adaptation to hit select theaters across the US and we’re talking to the film’s star!

Sophie Curtis portrays Beckett Warner, a teen who realizes there’s something suspicious going on at her new prep school. What she discovers is beyond anything she’d imagined.


We chatted with Sophie about the story, acting, why audiences love paranormal characters and stories, and more!

When you first read the script, what resonated with you the most?
I think what resonated with me most was Beckett’s strength, she is torn down by all these horrible events taking place in her life that no kid should have to endure, and still when no one believes her she trusts herself enough to carry through and prove everyone wrong, that she isn’t crazy.

sophie_curtisDid you read the book before filming began? If so, how did that affect your performance?

I had not read the novel prior to getting the part, but when I got the part I was working closely with Jane Mendelsohn, she was a producer and the writer of INNOCENCE. We talked about about the book a good amount. Hilary Brougher, the director didn’t actually want me read the book. The books a little bit different from the movie and is written in Beckett’s voice. It is Beckett’s story. She does have a really strong voice and natural way about her and that’s really captured in the book and in the film.

How do you relate to Beckett, if at all?

I think we have the same kind of innocent demeanor with a more wild side underneath, everyone has layers to who they are. I think Beckett and I share the same kind of rawness, we say how we really feel.

You’ve worked with a lot of veteran actors in INNOCENCE. Did you learn anything in particular about the craft from them?
Yes, I learned many things. I think the most important thing I learned is probably that everyone has different preferences and opinions, so while some might think I was great in the film, others might not and I need to focus on the ones who support me rather than the ones who try to push you down. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my start I just need to be grateful for being given the chance and have trust in the work I’ve done and just be happy and excited in this moment!

Which scene was the most fun to shoot? Which was the most challenging?
One of my favorite little scenes to film was riding on the subway with Jen (Sarah Sutherland) because we only had one chance to film that scene so the whole thing was super exciting and we were just running through the subway with camera men following us, I felt my age. As for most challenging, probably the scene where my mother dies, because it was so tragic for Beckett and it was the first scene of the movie I filmed, so I was nervous and excited. We also filmed that in March so the water was freezing haha!

Why do you think audiences are so drawn to stories about the paranormal?
I mean Innocence is a coming of age film really in the sense that it takes place in this hyper setting that kind of exaggerates the extremities that teens and women over all go through. It gets across these everyday emotions by creating this channel for it. You know by taking these everyday experiences being presented in this exaggerated setting, kind of fantastical, with witches and eternal life it just allows u, it allows people to almost better understand what those emotions really are.

What do you think happens to Beckett after the huge twist at the end of the film?
Hmm…I’m not sure I can say I’ll leave it up to people’s own imagination.

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INNOCENCE is in select theaters now! Check your local theater listings.