Exclusive Interview with THE MAZE RUNNER Author James Dashner

We got a chance to interview James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner, earlier this summer to get his take on the movie adapted from his book and more on The Rule of Thoughts, the sequel of The Eye of Minds.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see The Maze Runner this weekend or read his new series, then we absolutely recommend that you do!  James is one amazing writer and has a love for awesome movies.  Basically, he’s just like one of us!


What was the biggest challenge in writing The Rule of Thoughts?  
It might’ve been my biggest challenge yet. I feel like the first book, The Eye of Minds, had the biggest twist I’ve ever written, something you can probably get away with once (if that). And people responded well to it. So it was a huge task to write a sequel that wasn’t a letdown. There’s no way I could have another twist quite like that. It was hard to write, but I’m really proud of what came out.

The world of THE MORTALITY DOCTRINE is virtual, so there’s near limitless possibilities for what can occur. Does that make the writing and staying on track with the storyline easier or harder?
I’d say it makes it harder, but more fun. It’s a challenge to keep coming up with cool ways to present this virtual world, always doubting myself and wondering if something could be better. After all, there’s no limit, right? But it sure is fun to play around in.

Now that Michael is actually out of the Virtnet, what can you tell us, or hint at, about one of his first experiences?
Can you imagine what he’s going through? Stunned disorientation is how I’d describe the first part of the book. Discovery, too. And his first instinct is to find out if his friends, Bryson and Sarah, are out there.

What can you tell us about Bryson and Sarah in the sequel?
They are a huge part of the story, and I think the relationships between them grow by leaps and bounds. In the first book it was very superficial, trivial. But after what they’ve been through, and how they perceive Michael, it deepens considerably.


What was your first reaction after seeing The Maze Runner movie?  
Honestly, it was a little embarrassing. People were around me but I couldn’t help it. I was so incredibly emotional that I trembled and cried and generally acted like a crazy person.

What do you think fans will appreciate most about the movie?  What about the non-readers?
They’re going to appreciate the attention to character, readers and non-readers alike. As intense and visually spectacular as the film is, I think people are going to most remember the relationships and heartbreak and other emotions of the characters. Wes Ball and the cast nailed it.

The Maze Runner movie is out in theaters now and the sequel, The Scorch Trials, is due to be released in theaters next year.  And The Rule of Thoughts is also out where books are sold!

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