Exclusive: ORPHAN BLACK Star Kristian Bruun Talks Donnie’s “Ridiculous Situations” and Season 4

Kristian Bruun prepares fans of a wild ride on ORPHAN BLACK this season!

It’s been a long wait, Clone Club, but it’s almost over. Orphan Black Season 4 returns to your television screens tonight!

Before the fun begins, we got the scoop on Season 4 from none other than Kristian Bruun, who plays Donnie Hendrix, the show’s hilarious suburban dad whose life in turned upside-down when he discovers his wife is a clone.

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The interview took place shortly after the “Men of Orphan Black panel at WonderCon, Bruun, Jordan Garavis, Kevin Hanchard and creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson had an uproarious time interacting with the fans.

“It’s always so funny to me when I meet fans,” Bruun said. “Every once in a while you get someone who is just shaky and freaking out and they can’t speak and I’m like ‘But I’m just a dork! Don’t be nervous talking to me!'”

As Season 4 beings, Kristian says that Donnie is all done with his thirst for danger. “I think after last season when he got really in over his head… The immediacy of how dangerous their world really is took its toll on Donnie and Alison and they just want to get back to their safe, suburban life.”

Of course, he hints that what Donnie and Alison want and what they get will be two very different things.

Still, the actor promises that among the chaos, Donnie will continue to be the king of “ridiculous scenes” like last year’s twerking scene. (“It’s fun as hell. I mean, who wouldn’t want to roll around in a bed of money in their underwear?” he said of that one.)


“Every year coming into the season, the writers give me one or two or three very memorable, ridiculous scenes. And every year, I always go to the writers and say ‘I dare you to try to top that scene from last season.’ And this season, there of three or four ridiculous situations Donnie finds himself in.” He later promises one with a fabulous, newer addition to the character line-up. “We get to see Krystal some more this season… and part of that will definitely be a ridiculous situation between Donnie and Krystal.”

Season 4 trailers also hint at Donnie getting in over his head with Helena, something that Kristian loved. “Alison is a love of mine because Donnie and Alison are so close and we spend so much time working together on the show, but I really love working with Helena. We do a lot of improv on the show… Improv with Helena is just so ridiculous. It’s such a trip.”

For the actors of Orphan Black, it seems a big part of the experience is seeing fans reactions. When asked about fan theories, Bruun admitted that the cast covertly checks in with fans online.

“Every once in a while on set, we’ll just kinda check in with a message board just to secretly take a look at what’s going on.”

Listen to the full interview below!

(Don’t mind the initial echo. It only lasts a few seconds, we promise!)

Orphan Black premieres tonight on BBC America at 10pm ET. It will be immediately followed by the series premiere of the new Orphan Black after show, After The Black.

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