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EXTANT’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan would definitely love to come back to SUPERNATURAL

Jeffrey Dean Morgan would definitely love to come back to SUPERNATURAL

It’s kind of been hinted at before, but has become more rampant these days, and according to TV Line, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would definitely love to reprise his role as John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean, on Supernatural.  And we’re behind that idea one hundred percent.

Lately, we’ve only seen younger versions of John in flashbacks or time-travel-ly episodes, who’s been played by Matt Cohen.  However, JDM played the father John during the series’ first three seasons.  Now, everyone knows that he’s dead, but as this is Supernatural, no one ever really stays dead…well, sort of.  (Poor Adam!)

Considering that Jeffrey is still close friends with the two main actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and had even participated in VegasCon recently, I think he’s actually itching to return more than ever, but apparently he did have one request if he were to return.

“With me it’s always been about scheduling.  But hopefully we can find a little time and they’ll write something that I can do. It would be a great joy to go back and play with those guys.”

“I would love to have Jensen direct me, honestly.” he says. “I think that would be a very cool deal. That’s always what I’ve been pushing for.”

Executive producer Andrew Dabb gave this statement about a possible John Winchester return:

“To me, it’s not if he comes back, it’s when. When’s the right time? When it’s going to be for maximum impact? What you don’t want to do is bring a character like that back and waste the opportunity.”

I can’t argue with that, but would The Darkness, which appears at the season 10 finale cliffhanger as the big bad for the beginning of season 11 at least, be the right time for Father Winchester to return?  Even if not, I’m ready to see more of JDM on the show, and how he would interact with his boys all grown up.

Source: TVLine

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