Fairy Tales Ending: ONCE UPON A TIME To End after Season 7

This May will mark the end of an era as ONCE UPON A TIME draws to a close after seven seasons of magic.

It wasn’t hard to see coming, but it will still be sad to see the storybook close for the final time. This May, after over 150 episodes, Once Upon a Time will air its series finale. Despite its attempt at a reboot for Season 7, falling ratings sealed the show’s demise. Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz remained optimistic about the show’s ending, however, explaining that they felt like it was time. Horowitz described his reaction to the news:

It’s funny because it wasn’t like it was a shock. When we spoke on the phone with them about it, it was like more like, “Okay, it’s time. This feels right. This feels like we’ve had a great run, let’s try to end the show in a way that will leave the fans with a good feeling about what Once was that will stay with them past the end of the show.”

Kitsis and Horowitz assured fans that they were aware of this possibility from the start, and Season 7 would wrap up the series as a whole. Their optimism about the series’ end reflects their “mission statement” for the show, which was, at its center, all about hope. Kitsis explained:

It is what Snow White said in the pilot about believing in the possibility of hope is a powerful thing. When we started this show, it was in the wake of the financial crisis.  Everything felt very cynical in the world, everything felt very dark. Adam and I really wanted to capture a show about hope. What we loved about fairy tales was the idea that your life can get better no matter how dark it seems at the moment. I think that’s what we’ve tried to make the show about, and that’s what started it. That was our mission statement.

Horowitz added,

It was also about the show can be dark, but we never wanted it to be bleak. We always wanted there to be a light at the end of the tunnel. We always wanted there to be this sense of hope and that things can get better, and that there is joy and love to be found in life.

In the pilot episode, Henry (Jared Gilmore) finds his biological mother, Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and brings her back to Storybrooke. Despite her protests to the contrary, he is convinced that she is going to make everything right – bring back the happy endings. At the end of the episode, Henry looks out his bedroom window and sees the clock, which has been broken for his entire life, move forward again. In that moment, he knows that he’s right to have hope.

Kitsis and Horowitz, with their positive attitudes, are providing Once Upon a Time fans with another clock-tick moment. The world is not so different today than it was seven years ago. It’s easy to feel cynical and dark. Let’s all take a leaf from the book of Henry and Kitsis and Horowitz, and know that it’s not only possible, but right to have hope.

Once Upon a Time returns for its final spring premiere Friday, March 2nd.


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