FALLEN Sequel, TORMENT, Already in Development

UPDATE: After home video only distribution in the US and little success among audiences, you have a better chance of winning big at than seeing a sequel actually happen.

A Fallen sequel is in the works, despite Fallen not having been released yet.

A movie for Torment, the Fallen sequel to Lauren Kate‘s four-book series, is already in its pre-production phase, even though there hasn’t even been an official release date for the first movie.  This didn’t stop producer and former MLB player Mark Ciardi from getting his new production studio Aspire Entertainment to start work on the sequel.

The story of Fallen is as follows:

[Actress Addison] Timlin portrays a quiet teen who’s sent to the Sword and Cross reform school after she’s suspected of killing a boy. The school turns out to be full of supernatural occurrences, and many of the students are fallen angels.

Addison Timlin is joined by Jeremy Irvine, Harrison Gilbertson, and Joely Richardson.

Whether the sequel, which would likely be named Torment if it follows the book titles, would actually be made is still up in the air since it usually depends on the success of the previous movie.  However, if all goes well, Ciardi expects the movie to be sold to and promoted in time for Comic-Con in July 2015.   Lofty goal, considering the amount of exposure an event such as the San Diego Comic-Con would give to another YA-based sci-fi/fantasy .

That doesn’t necessarily mean a big box-office draw (i.e. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), but still the idea of being able to promote Fallen to a large number of picky, snarky, cosplay-wearing nerds and geeks, is hopeful at best.

For now, for all you Fallen fans, just know that they’re working on it.

Fallen was directed by Scott Hicks.

Aspire was formed in October by Ciardi, who specialized in inspirational sports dramas such as “Million Dollar Arm” and “The Rookie” while at Mayhem Pictures with Gordon Gray. He joined Tom Duterme and venture capitalists William Chang and Ash Vasudevan to form the new production company with aim of telling aspirational stories about characters overcoming adversity.


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I would love to be a series made out of it if a second movie isn’t on the cards. 🙂 it could work well with the amount of detail put into the episodes in comparison as a lot had to be cut out from the movie.

Is there an update on torment? This article is a few years old so a updated one would be awesome!

It be NICE if they would continue to make the series into movies and NOT a TV series. This series has plenty of fans to support it! I can’t stand when the movie execs tease us with making the first of a series into a movie and don’t continue or make it as a TV series with different actors (Mortal Instruments series). It’s all about the money with them! Not sure if anybody is even reading these, but I’m hoping some one is and taking note. We all would like to see it continue on (And with same actors).

I own the entire series in paperback, on kindle, and in audible. I own Fallen on dvd. Please, please tell me the rest are in the making! Fallen’s book to movie is by far the best I’ve seen in a long time. The casting was perfect and liberties taken weren’t distracting (unlike Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures, Breaking Dawn part 2 – just to name a few).
I loved Fallen, and I really hope Torment will be coming soon!!

I completely agree with you. I wanted to see the mortal instruments continue as movies. Its was both my all time favorite series as well as movie for a very long time. I however never found myself as interested in the tv show, which became very off track from the books and to be completely honest ruined my imagination and love for some of the characters. As for the fallen series, I love them as well and enjoyed the movie which really left me with the cliff hanger wanting to keep going. Iv been checking for a couple years now trying to find the next “movie”. As time goes i continue to rewatch “fallen” time and time again, always getting my hope back up for a sequel. I hope that one days it happens.

Do you know when the second movie is coming out (tourment). If you figure out a release date then please email back!

I just watched the movie FALLEN with my sister and we both loved it and she has read all the books and we both would love to know if the sequel will continue and torment will be next

I watched this movie, with low expectations. It was cringey, bland, emotionless and left me feeling empty. But, I would still like to have a sequel. I enjoyed it.

I really hope you do make a sequel I am so obsessed with this movie I have watched it like 5 times in one day I can’t even watch anything else but please make another movie don’t have us (fans) addicted and you don’t make another one I am so looking forward to the next movie and the next one after that and so on and so on.

I read these books in middle school and just found out this movie was made for the first book. After watching Fallen I am just as obsessed with the series. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL.

Yes! Answers would be lovely!! Great movie! I need more! Please let us know if there is a sequel! I would hate to get my hopes up!

Just watched ‘Fallen’ and Love it!! Can’t wait for the next movie in the series! Hurry up already!! ❤️

Please provide movies to complete this book series!! We need to see the books come to life!! Fallen movie just gave us a taste we need the whole thing.

Totally agreed these would be so much better with same characters and as movies at this point now including fallen there’s a total if 5 books so it would be amazinggg I mean if they do Harry Potter books into movies and etc. They sure can due thus I adored the mortal instruments and it sucked when it turned into a series with completely different people …. You get do attached and it sucks!!

Really need to finish series in to movies.. Has a really good story line.. It would go really far if you would make the rest in to movies.Need to let the fan see it on the big screen…Love the story..

Would really love to see the next movie to this. The books are great!! Please bring out torment

I think it is clear that fans of Fallen, and the Fallen book series, would truly appreciate a movie sequel. I agree that keeping the same characters would be ideal if possible. Hope someone somewhere is listening. 👀

I am 65 years old. I loved this movie, in fact I watch it every morning and sometimes at night. Would love to know what happened, I would love, love to see another sequel.

any news on if torment is being released at all? I need this movie in my life and cant find anything on line but I heard it didnt do well in the UK for the first movie 🙁 please can anyone give me an update?

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My favourite movie fallen, hoping there will be next movie now 2020 five or 4 years since last movie. Keep fallen follow up if is one with the same buildings in, that were filmed in hungeriar, beautiful ache windows so love to see this building and other building it was too parts from different buildings in but
still in same country hungarier.. If not seen movie Fallen well worth watching.

Someone PLEASE tell us the “Fallen” sequel “Torment” is in the making!!!! And yes, the original cast, or at least the lovebirds, would be wonderful to see again. I have not read the books. I am more of a movie person. But I have just purchased the entire saga to read. This is an epic love story that truly deserves more screen time and audience attention.

I love the fallen books and I also love the first movie I cannot wait for the second movie to come out please can somebody tell us if it’s actually ever coming out.

I want to see this second book made into a movie Me and 3 of my friends are now hooked onto this movie Fallen and seen the preview for the Torment. I know have seen where rating were not high enough so they just never finished putting it out there.

There would be an audience for the sequel if they would make. All 4 books should be movies. I think our would could use more movies about the celestial beings instead of all of them about vamp, werewolves, zombies and monsters. They could be movies a young person (not to young) could watch with their parents. I would truly like to see all 4 and a lot of people I know would enjoy that too.

As far as i know its been in preproduction faze since 2018 which to me is to long for that since it’s already almost the end of 2021 would be awesome it torment would be out by now taking to long in my opinion…..

Can there please be a sequel to FALLEN (ideally with the same cast) the first movie (2017) was so good and the storyline has so much potential.

It clearly has a fan base and if done well could be so successful. I really hope they decide to create more movies for the rest of the books. 5 years is not too late for a sequel.. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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