Fan Cast: Who could play Tyson the Cyclops

Since The Sea of Monsters film is in the midst of pre-production, and they have not yet listed anyone for the role of Tyson, the cyclops, I thought I’d make a list of some young male actors that may be considered for the role.  (This is no way means that those listed have auditioned for the role or that the filmmakers have looked at these actors at all; this is just me giving you all something to think about as far as casting goes).

Now, I imagine Tyson to be big, but not huge because he’s still small enough to play a kid in school, so he also has to look young enough.  Mind you, some of the actors listed, you’ll probably thing I’m crazy for even listing them at all, but it’s not anything a little hair coloring or weight gain can’t fix.

Nick Krause

Nick Krause – Most recently seen as the idiot friend of the eldest daughter in The Descendents.  Because of his role in there, I can definitely see him playing Tyson.  Some of you may not have seen it and are probably not old enough to see it by yourself, but trust me on this!

Avan Jogia

Avan Jogia – Currently seen in the series Victorious on Nickelodeon.  I’m actually not sure about this myself, but thought I’d bring him up anyway.

Austin Butler

Austin Butler  – He’s currently in the Disney series, Switched at Birth, but is probably better known to be Vanessa Hudgens current boyfriend.  Yeah, he’ll need to gain weight and change his hair color, but it’s doable.

Brett Kelly

Brett Kelly – He was on the big screen in Bad Santa.  Because of his frame, he could probably look the part fairly easily and also be lovable.

Chris Massoglia

Chris Massoglia – I have to admit, I loved this guy in The Vampire’s Assistant.  He’s a bit more built than when he was in that movie, so he’s already headed in the right direction for the role!

Jordan Fry

Jordan Fry – Who?  Well, go watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again and you’ll see him as Mike TV.  He’s grown a lot since then, and even though he’s still skinny, I think a few hours in the gym can help him bulk up to play the character.  Really, I do, but you may beg to differ and think he’s just too good looking to play the part.  Yeah, you might be right, but wanted to put him up here anyway!

Noah Munck

Noah Munck – You probably have seen him in iCarly, or on the big screen in Bad Teacher.  This guy is 6 feet tall at 15 years old, so he fits the bill all right.  I just wonder if his babyface can be covered up to look more the part.  (Isn’t Tyson supposed to be older than Percy?)

Shane Harper

Shane Harper – In the Disney Channel series, Good Luck Charlie.  I don’t know much about it, but he has this face that may work for the role.

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey – I’ve only seen this guy on Teen Wolf on MTV, but he looks strong, maybe too lean, though and I’m not sure if he would want to gain weight for this role considering he has to be lean when he takes off his shirt constantly in Teen Wolf.

So, those are the ones I’ve listed.  You can vote for one of them, or put in your own if you want.  I also put in the option of CGI, considering that Tyson is a cyclops, but they may still cast an actor if they want to try motion capture (basically like how Andy Serkis acted as Gollum and King Kong and Caesar).

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