Fan Fridays: Carla

My name is Carla, I love to read, write, act, and just have fun. I am an avid fanfiction reader and writer and love making friends with people all over the world. I am 15 years old and am about as fangirly as a teenager can be. I obsess over One Direction, Taylor Lautner, and especially TMI and ID. (I’m quite the squealer). Other series I enjoy are The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Pretty Little Liars, and yes, Twilight. I know it’s garbage, but it’s garbage that I somehow love. Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices is by far my favorite though. I first saw City of Bones in a bookstore when I was twelve, buying Hunger Games for the first time. The lady at the store had recommended it to me, and although the cover intrigued me, the back of the book didn’t spark my fancy. For two years I would pick up the book at the store on occasion, read the back, and then put it down once again.

I finally bought it in December 2010, along with City of Ashes. To be honest, I read the first ten chapters and kind of gave up. The start was very slow moving and I though the story was predictable. (Obviously Valentine was Clary’s father.) I picked the book up again in February 2011, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. The Hotel Dumort was the chapter that made me fall in love with the series. From that point on, I was hooked. Of course, being the stupid girl that I am, I decided to read the back of City of Ashes BEFORE finishing City of Bones. It called Jace Clary’s brother and I was like “WHAAAAA?” So then, being an even bigger idiot, I went on Wikipedia and learned much more than I wanted to. (About the Seelie Court and them “sleeping together” and not really being related.) I now wonder what it would have been like if I’d had no idea. Either way the series was amazing, I read the first trilogy in about a week, screaming and laughing along the way. My family assumed I had gone off the deep end, and I suppose I actually had. Mortal Instruments awoke a fangirl in me stronger than any other.

I love all of the characters and love how Cassie Clare can make you scream, laugh, and cry all on the same page. As an aspiring author, I admire and worship her in just about every way. Jace is my favorite character of all time. I’ve never read about such a complex, witty, sexy, tortured, vulnerable, strong character before. Jace is a walking contradiction. The arrogance he puts off makes it seem like he is in love with himself, when really he spends most of the series hating himself and what he is. He covers up his pain with witty remarks and only really opens up to Clary. Any girl (or even boy) who isn’t madly in love with Jace has a serious problem. And there must be something in the Herondale genes because my second favorite is Will. Even though Jace is my lover forever, Will is my husband. He is perfect. He has the smart, snarky personality that I love, but it’s not who he really is. Will is the most selfless, kind, compassionate character in the series. People think Jem is selfless, but Will has never done anything for himself. He broke Tessa’s heart to save her life, even though he was in love with her. When he found out that Tessa was marrying Jem, he didn’t feel bitterness toward his friend, and even toasted to him. Plus, Will getting up and singing about Demon Pox is about the cutest damn thing in the world. My other favorite characters are Magnus, Isabelle, Simon, and Tessa. Ironically, I hated Simon for the first few books when I thought he stood a chance with Clary, but now I love him to death. Him and Isabelle are TOO precious. They must be together.

I’m closer with the characters of TMI, but love TID as well. They are both such great series. I don’t even think of them of two different book series, in my mind it’s all just “The Mortal Instruments.” I am 100% team Will. As I said earlier, Will. Is. Perfect. He deserves Tessa more, in my mind. HE rescued her, HE loved her first, and if you ask me, HE loves her more. Tessa and Will are made for each other like nothing I’ve ever read. They are absolute soul mates. And they both love reading, which I truly believe can propel any relationship. If Tessa were meant to be with Jem, he would have been the one to rescue her. But he wasn’t. Honestly, I truly believe that either Tessa will end up with Will or no one at all. Her and Jem will not last, because they are together at the end of the second book, and Cassie loves to make things change majorly in the third book. Things looked bad for Jace and Clary in Ashes, but then it all worked out. Also, I have this crazy theory that I want to share. In City of Ashes, Valentine mentions a demon he once heard of in London, who looked like a man and posed as a powerful financier. Sound like Mortmain, anyone? I know Mortmain is a mundane, but maybe that’s just what Cassie wants us to think. I think Tessa’s mother was a Shadowhunter and Tessa’s father is Mortmain. After all, didn’t he say he was the reason she was born? I don’t know, call me crazy…

My love for TMI, is probably unhealthy, but certainly not undeserved. Mortal Instruments is the best book series of all time and I try to get as many people into the series as possible. (Shout-outs to Lauryn, Courtney, Jaylyn, and Lauren!) I have no doubt in my mind that TMI will be the next big book series. I’m one of the weird fans who goes to New York and studies all the churches closely, trying to figure out which is the Institute. (I found it.) I took a river boat tour for three hours just to pass by Renwick’s, and every time I wear my combat boots (like today) I like to think I’m a Shadowhunter. I quote the books in my daily life and for me, it isn’t about WWJD (what would Jesus do) bit rather WWRWJM? (what witty remark would Jace make. LOL!) So yes, I’m about as freaky as it gets. The greatest moments are when Cassie Clare tweets me back. It has happened like ten times and each time I dance around my room. Some people think I’m just another crazy person, but I like to think I’m crazy in a way that is uniquely my own. (Eh? Eh? If you got the joke I love you!)

As far as casting goes, I am not unhappy with who they have chosen. I am very confident that Jamie can pull off the role. Yes, it was sad when Alex turned it down, but COME ON! It’s time to move on. I suppose Lily is okay, but I haven’t seen enough of her acting to judge, really. My dream cast for TMI is:
Simon: Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Isabelle: Willa Holland

Alec: Gaspard Ulliel

Magnus: Darren Criss or Adam Lamert
Valentine: Daniel Craig

Luke: Eric Bana

Jocelyn: Leslie Mann

Maia: Jessica Szhor

Sebastian: Mitch Hewer

Hodge: Hugh Laurie

Raphael: Avan Jogia

Seelie Queen: Amanda Seyfried

Inquisitor Herondale: Tilda Swinton

Max: Asa Butterfield

Jordan Kyle: Tyler Posey

Aline: Brenda Song

Camille : Scarlett Johansson

 Some of my favorite quotes (only a few, from memory. Sorry if some words are off)

“In future, Clarissa, it might be wise to mention that you already have a man in your bed, to avoid such tedious situations.”
“You invited him into bed?”
“Ridiculous, isn’t it? We would never have all fit.”
“I didn’t invite him into bed, we were just kissing.”
“Just kissing? How swiftly you dismiss our love.”

I’d love to go on forever, but sadly I can’t. If you are interested in my insanity, I really recommend liking these pages. Nothing lightens your day more than a little TMI 🙂 Thank you Chantelle for getting me involved in this Fan Friday!

Thanks for sharing, Carla. You’re absolutely amazing, and we love your dream cast!