Fandom Feels Episode 1 Recap: UNDER THE NEVER SKY Series

Missed out on the Fandom Feels? Here’s Episode 1!

If you’re not checking out Fandom Feels, our hilarious YA book club, you’re missing out!

In our inaugural episode, we discussed Veronica Rossi’s amazing UNDER THE NEVER SKY series, a YA dystopian trilogy set in a world split between Dwellers who inhabit indoor pods who are dependent on virtual reality technology and tribes of Savages living in the dangerous outside world.

When dweller Aria is banished into the outside world for a crime she didn’t commit, she teams up with Perry, a Savage searching for his stolen nephew. Together, they realize that there’s a much bigger issue than “civilized” vs “uncivilized”: Their whole world is about to be destroyed by a violent natural disaster. The only way to safety is to convince two warring factions to work together.

In case you missed it, here’s a peek:

  • THIS is why you give up on a book too early!
  • Surprisingly, we’re not all the creeped out by feral 12-year-olds.
  • Roar makes this series, despite his name being Roar. Yikes.
  • How many feels are too many feels?
  • There are characters you love to hate, then there’s characters you just hate.


Loved Episode 1? Want in on the next Fandom Feels hangout? Join us March 16th as we discuss Marie Lu’s THE YOUNG ELITES!