THE FCAs 2016 | Best of Books, Final Round

The final round of the Best of Books portion of The FCAs 2016 is finally here, and after a long round of voting, we have your top five (more or less) nominees from each category!

For the final round, you can only pick one nominee! But you can choose that nominee more than once during the voting process. Below, you can start your voting off with the authors and click on the button below to get to the other pages, including the ones for the best books and the best characters.

Voting ends 12pm EDT on Saturday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve!)

(Please note: Results of the votes will be blocked from viewers sometime before the closing of the polls, and will be revealed sometimes early 2017 during the online awards ceremony.) 

Best Author

Best Author Collaboration

Best Debut Author

Best Ensemble in a Novel/Series

Best Canon Ship

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