FAST FIVE Helmer Tapped to Direct STAR TREK 3

After Roberto Orci dropped out of STAR TREK 3, the franchise has finally found its new director in FAST FIVE’s Justin Lin.

Justin Lin, most popularly known for directing FAST FIVE, has been tapped to direct STAR TREK 3 just three weeks after screenwriter Roberto Orci dropped out of the director’s seat.

Despite not necessarily being a household name, Lin has made some strong films including BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, ANNAPOLIS, and FINISHING THE GAME: THE SEARCH FOR A NEW BRUCE LEE. The major concern in the fan seems to be that Lin doesn’t have much experience handling sci-fi titles, but we’re interested to see what he can do.

On top of nabbing the third STAR TREK film in the new series, Lin is reportedly being considered to direct the HIGHLANDER reboot and THE BOURNE LEGACY sequel.