Fate of SUPERNATURAL season 9 discussed with Jeremy Carver


After the midseason finale of Supernatural, we’ve got a few things to look forward to: some episode title changes, (SPOILERS!) the aftermath of Kevin’s death, and Sam’s body taken over by Gadreel. So maybe there’s not much to look forward to, necessarily, but showrunner Jeremy Carver has a few things to say about the rest of the season.

I know it’s going to hurt. And it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kevin. With any luck, being Supernatural, there will perhaps be a way to see him sometime down the line, but it’s with a very heavy heart that we see Kevin be murdered.

We’ve got Sam who’s being possessed and essentially taken over by Gadreel, an angel who’s done this horrible thing. And we’re going to reveal that Gadreel is more complex than we even may have presented him now….I think we’re going to see Gadreel put through his pieces a bit more by Metatron in terms of going down a dark path.

I think Jared [Padalecki] has done a wonderful job playing the role and I think the real fun thing we find in episode nine that Jared hasn’t just been playing two roles, he has, in essence, been playing three. So that’s a lot of fun to see this other side come out as well. And Jensen [Ackles] has done a wonderful job playing against this. So that’s really what’s driving the mythology of the boys when we come back.

Back to the episode changes. 9.13 is “The Purge” instead of “Let The Fat One In,” 9.14 is “Captives” instead of  “Old Friends,” 9.15 is “Blade Runners” instead of “Back in Black,” and 9.16 is “Thinman.”

Source: mstarz