Our top 5 favorite moments from SHADOWHUNTERS Season 2…so far

We go through the first half of the second season of SHADOWHUNTERS to list our top 5 favorite moments so far.

Season 2 of Shadowhunters has much improved from the first season and have created moments that show why we love this series. Though the show doesn’t exactly go the same route as the books it’s based upon, it does have familiar moments and outcomes for several of the characters.

But even when it does things that aren’t quite the way of the books, we still enjoy the suspense and guessing game as to what happens next for our favorite Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

Because of that, we want to list our top 5 favorite moments in season 2 of Shadowhunters…so far. (Warning: Lots and lots of *spoilers* if you haven’t seen season 2a.)

5. Clary creates her own rune

Episode 5 – “Dust and Shadows”

Now although we weren’t really comfortable with the idea of Clary being trapped in a room with a demon in order to get her pregnant by said demon, the moment of distress had her manifest a never-before-heard-of ability to create a new rune.


4. Magnus and Iris get into a warlock battle

Episode 8 – “Love is a Devil”

Yes, it’s very cool when we get to see Shadowhunters battle it out against demons or even against each other in training, but this is the first time we got to see two warlocks battling it out against each other. It was so exciting and intense to see Magnus use his powers like that.


3. Jace teaches Simon how to get a girl

Episode 7 – “How Are Thou Fallen”

The interaction between Jace and Simon in this scene is probably as close as we’ve seen to how they interact in the books, and it’s something we’ve been looking forward to since the series premiered. Sure, there are no mangos or cans of tomato soup involved, but we loved this scene all the same.

2. Alec and Magnus complete their first date with a kiss

Episode 8 – “Iron Sisters”

The first date for Magnus and Alec, which occurs prior to this moment, was was a lovely mix of humor, awkwardness, and showmanship. However, it’s this clip that shows what everyone was waiting to see since their first kiss in last season’s “Malec” episode. Again, it was Alec struggling with his sensible thinking verses his heart, and again, his heart won.


1. Simon bites Clary, but really Jace; Isabelle to the rescue; Valentine tells the truth; Simon becomes a daywalker; Alec and Magnus say “I love you.”

Episode 10 – “By the Light of Dawn”

So, this “moment” is a cheat, because we couldn’t pick just one single moment from this episode, and we thought the whole episode was our favorite of season 2 so far. It ties in a lot of similar situations in the books, even if they happen at different times and in different ways. We still appreciated it happening, and almost everyone of them has a moment. Excellent job to all involved.






Shadowhunters returns with new episodes on Mondays starting June 5th at 8pm on Freeform.

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