Favorite Quotes from the Trilogy…

As we are officially at the 6 month mark in our countdown until “Reached” comes out, and there hasn’t been much new news recetly, I thought it might be a good idea to look back on our favorite parts of the two books that HAVE come out already!

I think that I like this poem the most:

“I never named anything I’ve written before
no reason to
it would all have the same title anyway
-for you-
but I would call this one
one night
that night
when we let the world be only you
and only me
we stood on it while it spun
green and blue and red
the music ended
but we
were still

 The thing that I find the most intriguing thing about this is the line of “green and blue and red,” which might refer to the pills, which might refer to the titles, which might refer to the entire over-arching ‘theme’ of the trilogy! So many possibilities with this series.

Share your favorite quotes, if you’ve got any, from the series!