Our Favorite YA Books of 2016 So Far

We list our favorite young adults books that have been published in 2016 so far, with most of them dealing in fantasy. 

Many of our staff are readers, and some of them were excited to share their favorite books that were published in 2016 so far.  From the list, you’ll noticed that most of them fall under the Fantasy category, but we assure you that they’re all great reads! So, if you haven’t read them yet and if your TBR list isn’t too long, go ahead and add these in, unless, of course they’re already one it.


truthwitch-600x895Truthwitch (The Witchlands, Book #1)
by Susan Dennard

Published: January 5, 2016
Category: Fantasy
Why it’s one of our favorites: Truthwitch is incredibly well-written, complex, and packed with believable characters. The featured female friendship is multi-dimensional and realistic, and the plot is intense! – Hannah

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Glass Sword (Red Queen, Book #2)
by Victoria Aveyard

Published: February 9, 2016
Category: Fantasy
Why it’s one of our favorites: Victoria Aveyard has crafted a beautiful and heartbreaking sequel to one of my favorite fantasy books of all time, Red Queen, that kept me enthralled the entire time. Her characters are ambiguous and so very real. This story takes the classic good versus evil story and turns into a story about moral ambiguity. She shows that even a hero can do evil things, and, the most captivating thing about this book, she makes us wonder: do the ends justify the means? And I love it. – Halee
It surpasses the action and story telling of it’s predecessor Red Queen, who’s already filled with exciting moments. Glass Sword touches the emotional states of your reading process like never before. Giving you the thrill of a good sci-fi book and the love-hate relationships of complicated characters. You couldn’t put it down even if you wanted to. – Jennifer

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a-court-of-mist-and-fury-600x912A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, Book #2)
by Sarah J. Maas

Published: May 3, 2016
Category: Fantasy
Why it’s one of our favorites: A Court of Mist and Fury is an amazing book. It had many different points and it made it really interesting to read. A Court of Mist and Fury was a lot more intense then the first book, but I think that it added to the second book. What I also liked about A Court of Mist and Fury was that it wasn’t all focused around love or romance or even all the action, it had a lot of self-discovery which I found unique. This book contained everything and it exceeded my expectations. The characters in this book were also very fun to read about. We got to see old characters and some new ones. Overall I felt like the book was great, it had everything I wanted for the sequel. I hadn’t expected everything in this book so reading it I was surprised with the plot, but loved the book. A Court of Mist and Fury has definitely become one of my favorite books. – Juliet

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Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, Book #1)
by Cassandra Clare

Published: March 8, 2016
Category: Fantasy
Why it’s one of our favorites: The main characters are pretty well developed and in a way that makes them really connect with the readers. The relationships between the siblings and the ones closest to them make the readers empathize for them. Plus, the fight scenes, the twists, the surprises, and the culmination of them just makes this a 5-star book for us. – Nat

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Tell Me Three Things
by Julie Buxbaum

Published: April 5, 2016
Category: Contemporary Fiction
Why it’s one of our favorites: On the uber-cute contemporary romance side of things, Julie Buxbaum’s Tell Me Three Things totally won my heart. The story of a teen who’s thrown into a disappointing new life following her father’s second marriage and the secret admirer that helps her through it all is sweet, clever, and insanely readable. If you want a feel-good title, this is it! – Kait

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morning-star-600x920Morning Star (Red Rising, Book #3)
by Pierce  Brown

Published: February 9, 2016
Category: Science Fiction, YA/Adult crossover
Why it’s one of our favorites: Morning Star was an epic wrap-up to Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy. Like its predecessors, the book was jam-packed with action, political savagery, and truly intense twists. This novel was particularly emotional as readers learned the fates of many beloved characters. This isn’t just a top book for 2016, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read. – Kait

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By Molly

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