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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Crossover Character From THE WALKING DEAD Revealed

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD crossover character reveals potential spoilers for THE WALKING DEAD!

After years of teasing a potential crossover between The Walking Dead and spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead, AMC has finally revealed its big crossover game plan and it’s… not exactly what people expected.

Chris Hardwick‘s The Walking Dead aftershow The Talking Dead featured the big reveal: Lennie James‘ Morgan is the character heading to Fear, and with that announcement came some heavy implications for the character.

In the segment (featured above,) the group all but announced that James’ time on The Walking Dead has ended, likely with Morgan’s death. Co-star Melissa McBride (Carol) shed a few tears as James talked about leaving The Walking Dead cast and saying his goodbyes, even though it’s been established that the two shows don’t film concurrently. Theoretically, Morgan could be on both shows, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

Many fans guessed that the crossover character would be Michael Cudlitz‘s Abraham given that he’s originally from Houston, where Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead will take place, and the original show already showed him battling out the apocalypse there before getting caught up in Eugene’s scheme in a flashback.

Another source of confusion is the timeline. Though not a regular until more recent seasons, Morgan made sporadic appearances in Georgia for The Walking Dead. Unless Fear does a hefty time jump and Morgan heads to Houston in the present, he’d have to have traveled from Georgia to Texas in back either in the gap between Season 1 and Season 3, or between Season 3 and Season 5. Neither would cover a significant time period.

We’ll see how it all shakes out when Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 premiers sometime in 2018.


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