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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: So Close, Yet So Far | Recap and Review

Before you watch tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead episode 1.3, here’s a recap of episode 1.2 “So Close, Yet So Far” from two weeks ago!

We open to the school, which looks pretty empty.  A Saturday?  Closed due to virus?  I forget.

Anyway, Alicia’s walking down the middle of the street with her headphones on.  I’d say that’s all the more reason to get run over.

She arrives at her boyfriend, Matt’s house, and the door is open.  She finds it quiet and discover that Matt is very sick.
“Oh my God!”

Madison, Travis, and Nick drive frantically home while trying to contact their loved ones. Alicia calls back and tells them she’s at Matt’s and won’t leave him to escape to the desert.

I’m just thinking, “Go already!”


Madison, Travis, and Nick arrive at Matt’s and they find that Matt is definitely infected.  Meanwhile, Nick tries to look for drugs in the house, in need of a fix. Yeah, no so concerned, this one.

Matt tells Alicia she needs to leave, after they say their “I love yous”.  You know that Matt is a goner, right?


In another part of the city, Travis’s son, Chris, hears about a cop shooting of a homeless guy and decides to check it out.  Luckily, he has his handy-cam with him, because you never know when you’re going to need to record a police-related shooting and pending riot.  And I’m not even remotely joking.

When Travis and Madison and kids get home, Travis needs to get to his ex-wife and son.  But when Travis calls Liza, she’s being stubborn (I’m being nice), not realizing that Travis is calling about this emergency that she doesn’t seem to care about, totally ignoring what he’s saying and hanging up on him.

So, yeah, Nick is having his drug withdrawals now, and so Madison decides to take off for the school to get some drugs for him, leaving Alicia to take care of Nick.

he breaks into the paraphernalia locker for the drugs when Tobias catches her, wanting to get the food supply for his family. Madison gives Tobias back his knife, which is so, so tiny.


When Travis arrives at Liza’s house, they contact Chris and go to the crime scene to get him as he’s protesting with the rest of the rowdy group.

At the school, as Madison and Tobias run through the school with the food supplies, they encounter the principal Artie, infected.  And since Madison still apparently thinks he can be reasoned with, Madison tries to talk to him.  He responds by trying to bite her, because yeah.

Tobias thinks he’s going to save his teacher, ya know, because he has a knife.  So, he tries to stab him with his puny knife, in the noggin’.  Surprise! That skull is still pretty thick and hard.  Artie is about to chomp up the knowing acne-prone teenager, but Madison saves him by bashing Artie’s head with a fire extinguisher.  It’s not a samurai sword, but it’ll do.


Travis and Liza find Chris right before the riot police come and they barely make it out of the big crowd right after another infected is shot down.
They find shelter in a barber’s shop right before he closes up shop with all the rioting starting, locking them in with his own family.

Madison drops off Tobias at his house, seemingly unaffected by what she’s done.  She invites Tobias to stay with her and her family, but he refuses.
“You have to take care of your son.”

Travis has his Rick Grimes moment, confessing to Liza what he’s seen, “You don’t die, and then come back.”

Madison comes back home, gives Nick his drugs although he’s feeling better and not looking so withdrawn.  She finally has her breakdown moment in the bathroom until Travis calls her, explaining where he is and telling her to go to the desert and they will catch up, before they lose connection.

Alicia witnesses their neighbor attacking their other neighbor and she’s about to go out to help, but Madison stops her from leaving.  Because that’s what you do! You don’t let anyone in, especially in L.A.!


They see the attacked one being forced down for a while before she escapes the attacker’s hands.  But you know, it’s probably already too late for her, too.

Now they’re undead neighbor is seen walking towards their house…

So, that’s your recap.

As for as the episode review goes, this is one of those build-up episodes.  We’re just waiting for the real crap to come falling down.  But there were some interesting developments and the introduction of the Salazar family, with who Travis, Liza, and Chris hide with.

And then there’s the badass Madison moment in which she beats in the head of her former co-worker, principal Arty.  At first I was kind of surprised she didn’t freak right out then and there, but she apparently had the strength, or maybe the shock, to hold off on the freaking out until she got to her home where she can do it in private.

For There wasn’t a whole lot of excitement, per se, but you can feel the anticipation building as they’re only just starting to realize how much danger they’re really in.  And they’ve been able to keep their wits about them.  That doesn’t mean they’re all going to make it out for the next season, but I’m hoping for more action/reaction in the next episode.


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