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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD | “Blood in the Streets” recap

In Fear the Walking Dead, we explore more of Victor Strand’s backstory in this “Blood in the Streets” recap.

Fear the Walking Dead explores Victor Strand’s past, and we definitely know that being on a boat is even less safe when they’re confronted with strangers boarding in our “Blood in the Streets” recap.

Nick (Frank Dillane) swims ashore and finds a bunch of abandoned tents.  He lures an infected to him and kills it. Nick then opens up the dead infected’s stomach and smears the blood on his face and chest.


On the boat, Travis (Cliff Curtis) is upset with Victor (Colman Domingo) for having left Alex and Jake on the raft and cutting the line.  Madison (Kim Dickens) tries to reason with him, but he warns her that they can’t trust Strand and that they’re gambling their families’ lives on him.

Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) are talking out on the deck of the boat, opening up about past relationships, when a raft comes. There are three of them, 2 males and 1 female, and they board, pleading for help as the female, Vida (Veronica Diaz), is pregnant and bleeding. Chris has a gun on them but doesn’t know what to do and calls for Travis.  Travis comes out to try to figure out what’s going on while Victor, elsewhere on the boat, tries to arm himself, but finds his gun is lacking bullets.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) wakes up and goes up to see what’s going on, and she recognizes of them the guys as Jack (Daniel Zovatto), the one she was talking to over the radio. They all turn to her and the distraction causes the other guy (Jesse McCartney) to disarm Chris and Daniel (Ruben Blades).  At the same time Madison, who is in the bathroom with Vida, is knocked unconscious by the preggy. They tie up Travis and Chris, and the other guy tells Alicia he will kill them if she doesn’t help them tie up Daniel. After she does, they spot someone on a raft trying to row away, and it’s Victor. The other guy tells Jack to shoot, but Jack is hesitant, so the guy does it instead, and hits Victor and the raft.

In a flashback, Strand is drinking at a bar with a man (Dougray Scott) making business small talk while they watch news of Hurricane Katrina. They talk money and land and opportunism.  And we find that Strand is bankrupt. Later, Strand helps the now drunken man into his hotel room and takes the man’s credit cards.


The unnamed guy asks where the key to the boat is and Ofelia tells him that he shot the guy with the keys. He, of course, doesn’t believe this and threatens Chris’ life if they don’t tell him.

tumblr_o6jpcikBkw1tp82kso4_250Travis says he’ll be able to start the boat without the keys, and the guy seems to accept Travis’ offer as he takes the gun off Chris’ head.  Vida brings up a tied Madison to have her sit with the rest of them.  It’s then that they realize that Nick is missing.

The guy, Reed, takes Travis to get the boat started, while he has Vida watch the group, and Jack and Alicia find the portable radio to contact Connor (Mark Kelly).  Jack loosens Alicia’s straps and he tells her that their leader, Connor, will listen to him and he assures Alicia they’ll be safe.

Nick, covered in blood, enters a gated community, where he’s supposed to go to a specific house.  When he sees across an infected, he knows exactly what to do, walking like one when they cross.


In another flashback, Victor is in a hotel and the man he stole from, Thomas Abigail, arrives with someone less finely dressed, name Luis Flores (Arturo del Puerto). They talk about the money Victor took from his cards, and he says that he will pay him back with interest.  Thomas tells him to meet him at the bar as they are about to leave, obviously not resorting to any kind of violence.  Victor thanks him for the pardon, however Thomas tells him he didn’t pardon him, but obligated him.

On the flattened lifeboat, he loses his radio in the water.


On the yacht, Travis is trying to figure out how to start the boat, but tells Reed he needs to go down to the engine room to override the computer system.  Madison asks about Nick, but no one has seen him.

Travis and Reed pass by to get to the engine room.  Reed teases Chris about Alicia and Travis looks around to see what Daniel and Madison are doing, if anything.


When they leave, Madison starts her distraction attempt with Vida by asking about her baby.

In the engine room, Travis sneaks some flat metal ruler-like tool in his sleeve as he’s also trying to stall for time.

Jack radios Connor while Alicia is watching. Connor says he looks forward to meeting Alicia. Alicia asks if any of what they talked about was true, and he confesses that some of it was, then answers more of her questions.  He apologizes for Reed shooting Victor, but she says that he’s done worse than they have.  Alicia tries to persuade Jack to help them all if she agrees to be with him if he helps protect her family, to convince Connor that she can help. He unties her binds and she hugs him.


Nick arrives at the house and comes across a guy who points a gun at him, and it happens to be the guy from Strand’s flashback, Luis. Nick tells him that Strand sent him. While Luis is packing a car, Nick asks why they don’t just stay there in the gated community, but Luis says he prefers Mexico.

Madison is playing mind games with Vida regarding her pregnancy, but maybe it’s possible that Vida is no longer carrying a live baby as she admits she hasn’t noticed any movement.  Even Ophelia starts commenting and it unnerves Vida.  Travis and Reed enter the room and Travis sneaks the metal bar behind the cushion when Reed deals Vida and the others.

Nick and Luis get to a destination near the where a zodiac is and Nick is trying to convince Luis to bring them all along as Luis didn’t realize how many of them there were.  He only paid for two of them, not seven.  Luis says that his mother, who cared for both him and Thomas, is staying at the Baja house.  Nick considers this might be the place for them to stay.

In a flashback, we see Thomas and Victor lounging while at what can be presumed to be the Baja house where Celia (Marlene Forte), Luis’s mom, is living. Victor urges the move to get the land they need, but Thomas isn’t in a rush.

Now that Travis was able to override the computer system, Reed has his start the engine when Connor arrives with some other people.  Upon arriving, Connor immediately has Travis and Alicia go onto his boat.  Alicia asks about the rest of them, and Jack has Connor agree to get them to shore.  Jack and Vida go with them, but Reed and the other two from Connor’s boat stay.

Once Connor and his group leave, it’s obvious by Reed’s talking that the rest of them are going to be killed.  But luckily, Nick and Luis are on their way, Nick sees through binoculars that somethig’s not right.  Before Connor’s henchmen can do anything, they’re shot through the head.  Apparently, Luis is a very good marksman.

Daniel, Ophelia, and Madison are able to subdue Reed, and Madison literally stabs him in the back.  Nick and Luis board and Nick explains where he was and that Luis is going to help them get into Mexico, but he won’t do so without Victor, who’s still somewhere in the water, if not already dead.


In flashback, Thomas is concerned about Victor leaving due to riots all over the country, but Victor assures him he’ll be back in two days.  They have a parting kiss.


Madison finally saves Victor from the water.


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