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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD | “Captive” recap

Are there any beautiful souls in Fear the Walking Dead?  Let’s find out in this “Captive” recap!

Okay, so the cat is out of the bag.  Beautiful Soul singer Jesse McCartney made a surprising entry into the Fear the Walking Dead world when he boarded the Abigail not to seek help, but to steal and cause bodily harm.  But things went awry for his character at the end of Blood in the Streets and now we get to find out what’s in store for him and his band of pirates in this “Captive” recap.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is on the Connor’s (Mark Kelly) boat. He tries to make her feel welcome by cooking her a steak, but she wants to know about Travis (Cliff Curtis) and about her family. But he deflects, saying he thinks she’ll be happy with them. When Connor leaves to take care of the generator, she decides to eat relishing the bite she just had, but Vida (Veronica Diaz) takes her plate before she can eat more and locks her in the galley. Alicia finds another way out and finds herself on a ship that’s dry-docked at an abandoned harbor.


Jack (Daniel Zovatto) finds her there. He brings her back inside and apologizes for leaving her with Connor. She wants to see Travis, but he doesn’t want to get caught. She then asks if her family made it to land, but he says to trust him and he’ll find out for her.

On the Abigail, Daniel (Ruben Blades) is cleaning up Reed’s (McCartney) injury, although the metal pointy thing is still sticking out of his stomach. Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) is there, watching, and Reed takes a moment to tease him about Travis. We find the Reed is Connor’s younger brother, stating that Connor will give them trouble if Reed doesn’t get back with the Abigail.  He adds a threat against Daniel.


Chris and Daniel leave Reed in the room, and in the hallway, Daniel explains that Reed is scared. Chris wants to stand guard, so Daniel tells him to stand outside the door and not to talk to him. Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) sees the bloody rags in Daniel’s hands and he specifies that Daniel required medical attention, to which she seems relieved about. She also sees Chris there and doesn’t like it, but Daniel says that he wants to be useful and stay busy. Daniel pauses for a moment, then explaining so Chris’ mind doesn’t go places it shouldn’t. .

Madison (Kim Dickens) is in the captain’s bridge, and Victor (Colman Domingo) is lying on the sofa, recovering. Daniel comes up and discloses to Madison what he learned from Reed, including the number of boats to find. Daniel points a cluster of boats near the coast, to which Maddie starts gunning towards.

Luis (Arturo del Puerto) comes in wondering why the change in direction and they explain they need to go get Travis and Alicia first. Madison tells him they’re not crossing to Mexico until she gets them back, but he says there’s no getting them back. All she wants is half a day, and Victor agrees, saying they can do both. Luis then complains to Victor about the extra people, but Victor says he’ll be able to negotiate.

Daniel tells her they’ll need everybody to help with this, but Madison doesn’t want Nick (Frank Dillane) and Chris involved. He tells her she has to stop treating them like children, but she still refuses.

Jack is showing Alicia the ropes about which boats to target and how to track and assign them. She sneaks Jack’s knife out of his back pocket and hides it in the back of her jeans. He gives her the clipboard on where to log the information on and has to pick one from the radar. She’s hesitant, saying she won’t know what to say, but he tells her she was able to talk to him.


Travis is locked in a room. He tries to MacGuyver his way out, but someone comes into the hallway and we see it’s Alex (Michelle Ang), the girl that was left on the life raft with Jake (Brendan Meyer). She revealed she had to kill Jake with her bare hands, and confessed that she told Connor about the Abigail and asked for Travis. Thus the reason Connor knew who Travis was.

Madison is upset with Victor for having Nick go out on his mission, but Victor says he volunteered. She tells him just because Nick knows how to move through this world doesn’t mean he should. Victor tells her she doesn’t understand his capabilities. She warns Strand not to come between her and Nick.

Jack and Alicia and looking at the boats on the radar and they realize that the Abigail is coming their way. She knows the boat isn’t supposed to be back already since they were supposed to drop off her family on land. Jack tells her that Reed’s the one doing the dirty work of dealing with those left on the boat, although he doesn’t know if Alicia’s family is dead. She’s upset and wants to leave, and Jack says he’ll go with her.


Nick is loading a gun when Madison comes by and tells him not to do that again. He tells her he doesn’t mind, but she makes him promise to not do it again. Madison’s also concerned about him being comfortable with a gun.


Alicia and Jack make a plan to leave the boat when Connor goes on his next recon.

Alex tells Travis that they’re putting Alicia to work, but when he asks about himself, she points out that it was his fault Alex and Jack were left on the raft. Apparently, there’s no putting him to work for the group.

The Abigail has arrived at the harbor and Victor and Daniel spot Connor’s boat.

Travis tells Alex he’s no better than the man that cut the rope. He tells about what he did to Chris’s mom, Liza, comparing it to what she had to do to Jack. He apologizes. When Alex is about to leave, he asks what happens to her, and she tells him that Connor could use her, but she won’t have anyone use her.


Chris engages with Reed, and Reed starts playing mind games with him, saying their both outsiders and asking where his mom is. Nick comes by and closes the door on Reed, and clearly he knows something’s wrong with Chris. Chris blames himself for allowing Reed and his group on the boat instead of shooting them. He’s afraid he’ll freeze up again, but also wants to make up for it. Nick tells him not to let it get to him, and lets him stay guard in front of Reed’s door.

Jack brings Alicia to see Travis. Alicia tells him about the Abigail being back, but Travis tells her that her mom is fine, that they’re all fine. Alicia says that she’ll come back for him when they plan to leave that night. He tells her to leave him if she has to, but she blames herself for putting them in this mess by talking to Jack on the radio. Travis tells her that Alex was the one who told them about the Abigail.

Connor radios the Abigail, and Madison responds back and tells him that he can have his brother when she gets her family back and gives him one hour. Connor says he’ll play, and if Reed’s unharmed, he’ll give the family back. Nick quietly says to Madison that he’ll go bring Reed to Connor, but Madison tells Connor she’ll bring Reed to him, basically not allowing Nick to do it.

When the disconnect, there’s a gunshot heard below. Chris killed Reed, saying that he was going to turn. Ofelia, Nick, Daniel, and Madison find Reed’s face half-blown. Madison talks to Chris, and he tells her that he was going to turn, because that’s what happens now. He overhears the ones outside arguing about the trade now, and Madison tells him they’ll figure it out when he realizes they were going to trade Reed for Travis and Alicia.


Ofelia and Nick are cleaning the area and see that Reed has turned. Nick is about to end it, but Daniel comes and sticks Reed against the wall. Daniel is tying a covered up infected Reed, when he hears a voice telling him to take the gun. No one else is there. Ofelia comes and they take the infected Reed above deck.

Nick tries to convince Madison to have him go instead of her, but she refuses, and tells Nick that she won’t because he wants to. Daniel loads the infected Reed onto the zodiac with Madison and they take off.

Alicia hides from Jack and goes to where Travis was being held, but he’s no longer there. She’s about to leave when Vida tries to lock her in, but Alicia fights back and is able to lock Vida up instead.


Madison makes the trade with Connor, and she’s able to get Travis when they uncover infected Reed and Reed immediately bites Connor before attacking another one of Connor’s men.

Alicia goes above deck and sees the commotion on the pier where Madison and Travis are. Jack meets her up there, and he tries to convince her to stay, but she jumps off the boat and Madison and Travis are able to retrieve her from the water. Jack actually looks heartbroken.



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