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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD | “We all fall down” episode recap

In Fear the Walking Dead, things get serious when the group meet an isolated family on an island in “We All Fall Down.” 

In Fear the Walking Dead‘s “We All Fall Down” episode, things seem about as idyllic as can be when you’re in a zombie apocalypse when Travis and Madison encounter a family that seems to be safe from the troubles of the mainland.  But things aren’t always as they seem as we find out in this recap.

Two children approach the beach to play in the sand. A walker washes ashore and heads for them. Another walker approaches, but we realize the walkers are blocked from the children by a chain-link fence.

Madison is pissed at Nick for what he did in the last episode when he went to the boat, but Travis interrupts her tirade to show what was in the logbook that Nick got. Apparently San Diego was bombed by the military, but Strand is worried about the larger vessel that’s following them. He recommends to hide in a cove on one island. Travis objects, suggesting Catrina Island, which has a wildlife preserve and thus has a ranger station on it. Victor so goes along with it.

At night as they head towards Catrina, a light comes from one a house on the island. When they dock, they head towards the house. Daniel and Ofelia stay behind on the boat with Strand, as Daniel is suspicious of him.

They approach a house and call out to the people hiding in it. One of the kids, Harry, comes out of the house first. The parents finally come out and Travis introduces himself, and the man introduces himself as George Geary. Travis assures them they just need to get their bearings and then move on.

In the house, the man tells him that napalm has been used on all the major cities on the west coast, all the way to Colorado and including San Diego, and below the states, they shut down the border. He marked all the cities bombed on his map.

The woman, Melissa, was a teacher and they talk about teaching. The woman introduces Seth, the oldest son. He’s holding a rifle, and looks concerned about his mom, asking her how she feels, but leaves the house when she says she’s fine.

Ofelia asks her father about staying there, but Daniel says they have to be invited. Ofelia talks to Daniel about understanding this world better, saying it helps her understand him. She states that it’s cruel.

The two children converse with Alicia and Nick while Chris wanders around. Willa asks Alicia about the song Ring a-round the Rosey and Alicia explains briefly about the Bubonic Plague version. Nick seems happy to entertain Harry as they go upstairs where Harry shows him his action dolls that he has, having them marked with red dots on their foreheads. Harry also says he takes power pills that keep his family together.


Victor is impatient with the group, as he paces about while Daniel watches. Daniel wants to know why he has them along.

George gives his theory that they’re all infected, and nature is killing them off. He talks about how he’s raising his family out there on that island, comparing his family life to Travis’ ethnic Maori background. Travis asks him if they could stay on the dock for the night, and he’s fine with that.

On their way back to the yacht, Madison thinks that the wife wanted to signal them and try to get off the island. Nick and Alicia talk, joke about stopping the climate crisis, and Nick’s thinking about the kids, saying that something is off.

In the morning, Chris spots Seth and goes down and follows him down to the shore where some walkers are the against the fence. Seth proceeds to take them down with a pick ax. He has Chris help him. Seth shows him how to kill, and explains that his dad showed him how to kill, to become self-reliant. After all of them are taken down, Seth starts going back, but Travis spots another walker and wants to take it down. Travis finds them there and asks him to come to the boat, but Chris wants to take down the infected first, which he does.


Travis warns George about the problem, but he knows about it and says they do it once a week to prevent the fence from falling. Travis asks why they stay there. He explains to Travis this is how it is, and has him help reinforce the fence, as there are still about a couple of hundred infected in the main port of the island.

Alicia finds a community board and a sign-up list for a bird watching tour and draws her version of a flower on the sheet. Nick goes into the house and searches around the house, finding a bag of pills, until Willa comes and asks him to draw with her.


Victor and Daniel are up on the bridge and Victor notices that the vessel on the radar has disappeared, having lost them.

Madison goes to the wife, Melissa, and confronts her about the light, knowing that she did it on purpose. Melissa is concerned about her kids staying there. Madison asks about Melissa going with them, but she has MS. She wants Madison to take Willa and Harry with them, because she fears they won’t have a better life. She knows that George and Seth won’t agree with her.

Madison is trying to convince Travis to take the kids, saying they would be saving them, and they can’t keep leaving people behind. Travis wants to talk to George first.

Daniel searches the bridge to find out what Victor is hiding, and he unlocks a storage unit holding an assault rifle and maps, including one of Baja California, Mexico. Strand is on the phone in another part of the boat, talking to someone, and saying that he’ll be there at sundown.


Nick returns and tells Travis and Madison that he thinks the man is going to kill his family with the pills he found in George’s office.

Travis, Madison, and Nick meet with Melissa at the house and bring her kids’ backpacks down. George comes in and Melissa tries to explain, but the boy comes down saying that something is wrong with Willa. Melissa goes up to the room and finds Willa lying on the floor. Melissa holds Willa but Willa has turned and attacks Melissa. George tells them to take Harry, as George doesn’t plan on trying to save Melissa or Willa.


When they get on the boat with Harry, Victor tries to order them to leave Harry, but Madison doesn’t back down.Unfortunately, Seth arrives at gunpoint and gets Harry back. Travis tries to talk him down, but Seth says this is still their home. He also blames Madison for what happened. Seth and Harry are back on the pier when Melissa, now infected, is approaching them. Ofelia asks her dad to try to do something, but Daniel is ready to leave, saying that Seth has a weapon, suggesting he’s able to handle himself. Victor gets the yacht moving as they watch Seth, with Harry by his side, shoot Melissa.


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