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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD | “Ouroboros” episode recap

In Fear the Walking Dead’s “Ouroboros” episode, the group explores the morality of when and how to help out people in need.

If you haven’t been watching Fear the Walking Dead lately, well, you may want to start catching up as this was probably the most intense episode the series has had in a while, and there’s quite a few developments and changes in characters that prove the show has got some quality actors.  Read our “Ouroboros” recap below and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Five are on the lifeboat after their plane crashed in the ocean. Alex (Michelle Ang) is one of the survivors.
Jake (Brendan Meyer) is the other survivor, but he’s badly burned. One of them has a bite on his ankle and the suited man quickly takes him out. The suited man then tries to kill Jake, but Alex kills him off. The other man is trying to convince her to put him out of his misery. Jake tells her it’s okay.

Fear the Walking Dead "Ouroboros" - Alex and Jake

Strand (Colman Domingo) is trying to call someone, but he can’t get ahold of anyone.

There’s a problem with the yacht, and Travis (Cliff Curtis) finds out there’s something blocking the water intake underneath the boat. Travis volunteers to go under, even though it’s nighttime, making it harder to see and more dangerous.

When he goes under to see what the problem is, we find it’s the third man from the lifeboat whose arm is blocking the intake valve. He is now infected and turns to try to attack Travis.

Travis tells Victor it’ll take about a day to get the problem fixed. Victor is upset and orders him to fix the boat fast, but apologizes, sort of.


Ofelia’s (Mercedes Mason) injury is slightly infected and she has run out medication. Daniel (Ruben Blades) is concerned about her temperature, and she says she’ll ask Madison (Kim Dickens) for some meds, but Daniel says that it’s a family matter between themselves.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) sees that there are luggage and stuff along the shore. Although the adults are reluctant about going, they insist and Daniel volunteers to go with them.

Before they take off Daniel tells Madison that Victor already has a destination in mind – Baja California, Mexico. Daniel would rather have Madison talk to Victor instead of himself about the matter.

On the beach

Daniel, Alicia, Nick (Frank Dillane), and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) arrive along shore and find some dead bodies from the crash. Daniel tells the “kids” to be quick about it, to fill their bags and get back.

Chris wanders off and finds another section of the crashed plane. He finds some infected in there and bashes one’s head in, but another one is actually not dead and begs for Chris to help.

Nick tries to help Daniel find the right medication for Ofelia when Daniel realizes that Chris is gone, so he starts looking for him. In the plane, Chris tries to help the man in the plane, but the man’s injury is too bad, as his spine is sticking out of his back. Chris is clearly disturbed about this, and the man begs him to, apparently to kill him or something. Chris holds a piece of the fuselage big enough to do damage and shows the man, and the man doesn’t argue. Chris bashes the guy’s head in until he’s dead.


Alicia takes off to look for Daniel as he’s taking too long, and Nick finds a bag of meds that would help Ofelia. Daniel sees Alex running down a sand dune and she tells Daniel that they’re coming, and to run. Dozens of infected start making their way down the dune.

Nick finds an infected stuck halfway in the sand in a crevasse, and falls into it, landing next to the infected. He kills it only to see another infected fall into the crevasse as well.


Alicia finds Chris as he comes out of the fuselage, and leave when they hear gunshots. Daniel is shooting at the infected.

The infected are coming as Daniel, Alex, Alicia, and Chris have to start fending them off. But they are outnumbered. Nick, covered in infected blood, comes to the rescue knocking off one that almost gets Alicia.


As Nick makes way for them to leave, being the last, he turns around and gets right in the face of one of them, mimicking the infected’s sounds while Alicia shouts for him. He finally goes and they get on the boat. Alex says they need to make a stop.


On the boat

Travis goes back under the boat to get the infected out of the boat’s intake, and manages to do so, killing the infected and moving the body away.

Madison confronts Victor about their destination. Victor finally admits that they are indeed going to Baja California, Rosarito specifically, where there’s a secure location with all the provisions they need and that they have a very small window to make it there. She tells him they have to trust each other, but he feels the danger is among the people, including friends. They make an unsteady agreement about it, but warns Victor that if he looks at her family wrong, she will throw him off the boat. He laughs, saying that she’s not a killer. She just looks at him.

Madison goes to tell Travis about Victor’s plan, telling Travis that they should trust him. Travis feels like she’s already made the plan for them, but he clearly feels left out about this whole decision.

Madison hears the gunshots and can see from the binoculars that the beached group are surrounded. She tells Victor to get the boat moving, but not before Travis has to take the infected’s hand out of the blocked valve.

As they get the engine started, Victor sees that they’ve towed in Alex’s lifeboat, which still has the injured Jake on it. Victor says they can’t take more in, especially to where they’re going, and it comes out to everyone that they’re going to Mexico. Ofelia wonders why this hasn’t been stated before, and Travis finally backs Madison.

Alicia’s upset about the whole argument of taking Alex and Jake in, because it appears that some may be siding with Strand on this one, including Madison who doesn’t argue. Travis then offers to tow their lifeboat along so that they don’t go on the yacht and offering food and water. Alex has no choice but to deal with it as she gets back on the lifeboat with Jake. Madison tells Alicia this is the best she can do.

As they get moving again, Nick gives Ofelia the rosary beads they found on the beach. Alex tells Jake that this is the worst it will be, but Victor finds a way to prove her wrong when he goes and quickly cuts the rope that is towing them, all the while Madison is watching. The lifeboat is left behind and Madison is left speechless, but doesn’t do anything to stop him.


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