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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Promos & Photos of “Pablo & Jessica” Episode

Check out the video promos and photos for this week’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD titled “Pablo & Jessica.” 

Who are “Pablo & Jessica,” and what do they have to do with this week’s Fear the Walking Dead?  We have no idea. There was a bride named Jessica in the previous episode, “Do Not Disturb,” so it could be in reference to her.

The plot of the story doesn’t really say much either, only that we’ll be seeing more new characters at the hotel where Madison, Victor, Alicia, and Ofelia were last seen. But who even knows if Ofelia is there anymore, or even alive. She disappeared episodes ago, leaving Alicia to fend for herself against the infected.

Alicia and Madison try to bring two competing factions together; Nick uses skills from his past for his new role.

We’ll also get to see Nick in this episode as he tries to find his place in the community he’s in.  Check out the promo and the sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, “Pablo & Jessica.”



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