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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Shows New Characters in Season 2B Photos

New photos check in with FEAR THE WALKING DEAD characters!

Fear the Walking Dead will be coming back soon, but the Clark-Manawa family isn’t back together quite yet. They’ve been split amongst a post-apocalyptic Mexico, on different but equally dangerous paths. Thankfully, you can get a look at them in these new Season 2B promo photos from EW!

First, Madison (Kim Dickens) and Strand (Colman Domingo) are looking not-so-pleasantly surprised in a local watering hole.


Still, they may be better off than Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), who are walking out on the open road in the blistering sun.


Alicia (Alyica Debnam-Carey) looks perplexed as she seems to spy to someone or something from around a corner.


As for Nick? The new photos don’t show him, but they do show three new characters from the group he’ll be joining up with– who may be may not be some sort of human sacrifice-based cult. They’re lead by soldier Luciana (Danay Garcia). She stands with “a scout” played by¬†Carlos Sequra (his character title probably means he’s walker food) and Francisco (Alfredo Herrara).


Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, August 21, 2016.

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