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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD | “Sicut Cervus” recap

In our Fear the Walking Dead “Sicut Cervus” recap, we find that things aren’t quite as pleasant as they were led to believe.

In this “Sicut Cervus” recap, the group finally get to meet Thomas Abigail, but things aren’t looking so great for him, but some of group/family are also having problems staying united.

We open to with a boys choir singing at a parish. Few are in attendance. The father talks about not giving in to doubt and basically to keep the Faith and to fight the evil. They all take communion. Once they exit the church, they take up weapons, apparently to fight.


Thomas arrives, telling them not to do this as he’s trying to protect them from those who work for him. He warns them about his workers being armed, but the people start falling in pain and bleeding from their eyes. The father says it was Celia’s doing. Thomas is speechless.

Travis talks Chris about what happened (regarding Reed), but Chris says he didn’t do anything wrong, and is confused as to why everyone’s mad at him. Chris realizes that Madison didn’t believe him that Reed was sick.

Madison, Victor, and Luis are on the captain’s bridge where Victor explains that Luis will take the zodiac ahead of them to meet with his contact on another boat and make payment. But things don’t go as planned when the boat approaches the Abigail instead.

Madison takes all but Victor and Luis below deck. Victor and Luis make the trade while the others wait, but the ones they’re dealing with want to investigate the boat to see if there are infected on board. There’s an argument and then shots fired. They go back up and the two men and Luis appear dead.

When the group goes back up, they see three men down. Men from two other boats start shooting at them. Daniel stabs the two already men in the head, but Luis is actually alive but badly injured. He begs him not to be stabbed in the head, and to give a coin with an owl’s head on it to his mother. Ofelia and Nick stop him from stabbing Luis in the head, but Daniel throws the coin overboard.


As they head towards land, they notice that the other boats have stopped shooting at them, believing that whatever’s on land will kill them anyway.

They arrive at the parish, and find the dead parishioners. Victor sees Thomas’ truck there, but no Thomas. Some of the parishioners have become infected and are gathering towards them. They fend them off, including some that were children. Daniel has a moment recollecting a young boy while he’s about to kill off one, and Ofelia kills it.

One attacks Madison while Chris just watches, not doing anything. Alicia sees this and yells at Chris and goes to help her mom. Nick is also affected by having to kill the young infected.


They take off in Thomas’s truck and arrive at a gated farm/residence with high cement walls surrounding it.

Celia welcomes them, but Victor tells her that the military killed him, saying he’s one of them now. She says he’ll find his way back. (Huh?) One of the other helpers there requests that they relinquish their weapons, but Daniel is reluctant although he what they ask.

Celia takes Victor to see Thomas. Thomas has a bite injury on his arm, and Victor is heartbroken. Victor apologizes tearfully and helps him into bed.

While Alicia is watching TV, Chris enters asking if she’s mad at him.  Alicia accuses Chris of watching Madison almost getting killed and not helping. He adamantly denies it, saying that he froze, but insists she not tell anyone. She asks what would happen if she did, and he just says that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and walks away.


Nick goes to the kitchen and introduces himself to Celia. While there, he confesses he’s sick of all the killing. But she’s strangely calm and explains to him that none of this is new and that the only difference is we can see the dead. Madison comes in and overhears Celia telling him, but doesn’t seem to appreciate her words of wisdom. When Celia tells her that Nick’s special, Madison tells her that Nick is impressionable and fragile, and thanks her for her hospitality.

Daniel is looking through pictures at an outdoor prayer altar and notices an image of an owl carved into the tree that serves as part of the altar. Celia comes by where she puts Luis’ picture up. Daniel apologizes for her loss, but she says there’s nothing to be sorry for since Luis wasn’t shot in the head. Daniel seems confused about her reaction.

Madison comes with a tray of food for Thomas and Victor in his bedroom. Thomas asks Madison to promise to look after Victor when he dies. Victor tries to laugh it off, but Madison nods.

Ofelia calls Daniel to dinner, but he’s not hungry. He doesn’t seem himself, and Ofelia looks worried. Daniel tells her to go on while he sits there in on the bed looking at…something? Nothing?

Later that night, Alicia tells Madison that Chris threatened her. Madison then goes to Travis to explain what happened, including when Chris didn’t help Madison at the parish, but Travis doesn’t believe her and they argue about it, taking sides. When Travis gives her a benefit of a doubt, he asks her to help him, but she says she needs to be with Madison. He says he’ll go see Chris, giving up on saying any more.

Victor is telling Thomas it’s okay to die now, but Thomas doesn’t want to leave. Victor offers to go with him, saying there’s nothing for him there, and that Celia will watch over them. They kiss.


Daniel is walking the area and sees a young boy throw a live puppy down a chute, then hears the puppy whimpering.

Ofelia goes to the altar to talk to her mother, and has Nick go with her. While she prays, Nick sees the carved owl in the tree and is somehow reminded of being in the abandoned church and what happened there when he saw patient zero.

Daniel follows the boy to the cellar, where he’s talking to someone offscreen. The boy says he’s talking to his mom and shows him. The boy’s mom is an infected, and she’s locked up with several more infected.


He confronts Celia about it and she tells him they are family and she wasn’t going to turn them away, because psycho lady doesn’t think they’re dead, apparently. She puts a tray on the counter that has two communion wafers on it. Daniel realizes she’s the one who killed the parishioners by poisoning them, but she argues that he’s the one who killed them. She asks him what he’s afraid of and leaves with the tray.

Celia is cleaning up Thomas while Victor watches. She tells Victor that what he’s decided is a brave and beautiful thing and she’s proud of him for doing it. The tray with the two wafers are there for them.

Nick finds Celia and asks her if the infected are really dead, and she tells him they’re not. That they’re what comes next.

Thomas breathes his last breath with Victor holding his hand. Victor kisses his cheek, then gets up and passes by the wafers.

While Travis is asleep, Chris sneaks into Alicia’s room where Madison is sleeping with her. He grabs a knife that’s on the nightstand next to the bed, but then a gunshot is heard. Madison and Alicia wake up and find Chris standing there with the knife in his hand. Alicia yells at him to get. He looks down at the knife he’s holding and then leaves.


The gunshot heard was from Victor shooting Thomas in the head.


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