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Fergus Wants To Fight In New OUTLANDER Clip, Plus Episode Photos

OUTLANDER goes to battle tonight and young Fergus wants in!

Claire and Jamie Fraser suffered the devastating loss of a child earlier in Season 2 of Outlander, but they’ve found themselves an adopted son of sorts in their young helper, Fergus. As Jamie and his men head to war, Fergus wants to make him proud and join their ranks, but the Frasers could never allow such danger to befall the boy.

In a new clip, Fergus makes him cases, only to hear the many reasons (read: excuses) why he needs to stay behind.

Could this possibly sate the boy? He’s got quite a bit of spirit and after his encounter with Black Jack Randall, a reason to want revenge against the British. It’s hard to imagine he’ll be willing to sit still and wait it out while his lord goes to war.

Additionally, check out some new photos from the episode which focus in on the battle and its aftermath.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Outlander airs its first big battle episode, “Prestonpans,” tonight on STARZ.