Few Words From ‘The Hobbit’

By now we should all know the hobbit in the The Hobbit Trilogy will be played by the brilliant Martin Freeman. Recently he had an exclusive interview with Radio Times.

“I loved the Lord of the Rings films – I hadn’t read the books, but I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s take on them. And I have, of course, read The Hobbit – I love the scenes in Gollum’s cave. The first bit we filmed was when Bilbo and Gollum (played by Andy Serkis) have a great theatrical scene which consists of telling each other riddles, with Bilbo’s life depending on getting these riddles right. It’s a beautifully written scene and Andy Serkis as Gollum is just a star in every regard.”

When I reread The Hobbit recently this was one scene that really stood out for me. I’m interested to see how Jackson chose to make this scene play out, specifically his choice of riddles and of course to see the interaction of these two amazing characters.

Martin Freeman isn’t afraid to admit that this is “the biggest film I’ll ever do”.  So, as I’m sure many actors are, he is slightly nervous as to how it will play out.

“I’m excited about seeing it – I want to like it, I want to be pleased with it, and I want to be proud of it. There are inevitably bits that you’ll wish you were better in, but Peter Jackson is a very skilled director and he knows Middle Earth better than anybody else. I’m very hopeful, but also nervous because I want to please myself first of all, and I also hope everyone else likes it.”

The countdown continues until we can judge for ourselves how well Freeman did but I think we can agree we have full confidence in his ability to be the perfect Hobbit.

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