Final Day of 12 Days of Pottermore Remembers Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore remembered in the final day of the 12 Days of Pottermore.

It seems fitting that Professor Albus Dumbledore, mentor and greatly respected friend of Harry Potter, be recognized in this twelfth and final day of the 12 Days of Pottermore.  Surely, it’s a somber moment to recognize on such a merry holiday, but Christmas doesn’t always bring cheer, no matter how much we try.

12 Days of Pottermore - Albus riddle

Here’s the last riddle:

The funeral of a beloved headmaster and teacher,
brought tears of sadness from each man and creature,
but can you recall as best as you can,
the first name of this great man?

As Pottermore opened up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it drew fans back in in these past twelve days, where some poignant scenes were shared from the book.

12 Days of Pottermore - Albus

Of course, the Half-Blood Prince brought forth one of the most devastating moments in the books, when, after the equally devastating death of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Dumbledore’s memorial and Harry’s sorrow in this loss brought many fans to tears.

In this scene, Albus Dumbledore’s Order of Merlin title is explored.

This section reveals the three ribbons given as First Class (green ribbon), Second Class (purple ribbon), and Third Class (white ribbon).

“The First Class Order is awarded ‘for acts of outstanding bravery or distinction’ in magic, the Second Class is awarded for ‘achievement or endeavor beyond the ordinary’ and the Third Class is given to those who ‘have made a contribution to our store of knowledge or entertainment.'”

Albus received his First Class order when he defeated the Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, a commendation that was not refuted, unlike other well-known wizards that might have achieved their under less prestigious ways.

One interesting tidbit regarding the color of the First Class order – that of green:

“Legend says that the green ribbon, on which the First Class Order hangs, is to reflect Merlin’s Hogwarts house.”

Well, it’s no wonder Slytherins think so highly of themselves.

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