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Find out where Clarke and THE 100 are at the beginning of season 3

Clarke has separated from The 100, so let’s find out where she and some of the others are at the start of season 3

When last we saw Clarke (Eliza Taylor), she had just rescued her people from Mount Weather, but not without sacrificing many others to do it, and probably a bit of her soul in the process as well.  And it certainly didn’t help that she was forced to do so due to because someone she was beginning to have a relationship with betrayed her. But because of all that, she decides to leave her people and go her own way.

And as season 3, we find out that about three months have passed since her departure, and basically, vacation is over.  Here’s what has been revealed about Clarke and some of the other characters as we head into the new season.

“She’s pretty messed up over Mount Weather, and she obviously left because she wasn’t able to face her demons and wasn’t able to deal with what she’s done,” says actor, Eliza Taylor. “She’s in a state of pure survival mode. She’s just out in the woods hunting, trying to find somewhere dry to sleep.”

This brings us to the season premiere episode title, “Wanheda, Part 1,” as she is nicknamed that by the grounders.

“Wanheda essentially means ‘The Death Commander’ because I brought down the mountain.Which is cool!”, laughs Taylor. “I read that and was like, ‘Oh! The Commander of Death? Wow!’ She’s actually feared by most of the Grounders. She’s become, like, this myth or a legend, which is really cool. But [the nickname is] unbeknownst to Clarke until she’s faced with the Grounders.”

In regards to what’s happening in the place that is now known as Arkadia, both Kane and Chancellor Griffin are still getting accustomed to life on Earth.  For Henry Ian Cusick, it seems something he’s excited about playing for his character.

“I really enjoy that Kane is now a man of peace after finding out everything he believed was wrong.  I know I keep harping onto this, but I think it’s quite an important thing for Kane, his 180-degree turn. Now, he is a man who is dealing with the present and the reality of this world, and the only way for his people to survive is by brokering peace with the Grounders. That, I think, is a great storyline and something I believe in. I’m delighted to play that role.”

For Paige Turco, her character is going through a different change, and one not quite so optimistic, especially being appointed as chancellor.

“That’s part of her struggle. She wears two hats—well, three hats, being a mom as well. I think that’s what’s interesting in what my character’s going through at the beginning of the season. She’s trying to manage and balance being the doctor, being the chancellor, and trying to find a way to do both, which is exhausting.”

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Clarke and Lexa

But let’s get back to the Clarke thing, and her betrayer, Lexa. Creator Jason Rothenberg sat down with TV Guide to talk about the show and they do speak about what will happen when Clarke and Lexa meet again.

The last time Clarke saw Lexa, Lexa had betrayed her. When they come together again, how will we see them try and move forward from that?
Obviously, Clarke is pissed off and is not going to get un-pissed off any time soon. But I think eventually she will realize that had she been given a similar choice, that she probably would have done the same thing. In fact, she realizes that she did. Because Lexa’s choice to abandon Clarke and essentially leave Sky Crew to die at the mountain to save her own people, albeit shortsighted perhaps in the eyes of some, was very, very similar to Clarke’s choice in the finale last season to pull the lever and kill all of the people that had helped them … in order to save her own people. That was kind of the theme of the entire season, which was how far can you go and still be the good guy in order to save your people. Lexa had that choice in [Episode] 15. Obviously, it landed very emotionally for both of them, but especially on Clarke. In [Episode] 16, Clarke had a similar choice and I hope that over the course of the first part of the season, Clarke will eventually come to see it that way. If she can’t, then they’ll never figure out a way to make peace with each other.

Do you think there’s any hope of a romantic reunion between Clarke and Lexa?
I think people will have to tune in and find out, but certainly it was developing that way last season. Lexa, I think it’s safe to say was sort of – I won’t say love at first sight with Clarke, but it definitely was a bit of a thunderbolt moment for her when she first saw Clarke. For Clarke, it developed a little bit more slowly, but by the end I think it’s safe to say that they were very much intrigued at the possibility of a romantic relationship. And then Lexa did what she did in Episode 15 and abandoned her. So that’s kind of a high bar to get over. But like I said, if she can figure out a way to reconcile it as something she might have done herself, then I would say definitely that could happen.

Jason does talk about the introduction of a new character that will apparently be making waves, along with some other new characters, in the series.

We are finally introduced to the Ice Nation this season. What should we expect from them and their motivations?
The Ice Nation are militaristic, atavistic. They very much want to expand. They do not like the deal that they made to join Lexa’s coalition in the first place. They did that out of necessity because Mount Weather was just as big a threat to them as it was to the rest of the clans. Lexa had that big bad out there that she was able to motivate 12 other clans that to overcome those personal needs to join together. It was never harmonious, but it was at least something. Then in one afternoon Clarke took Mount Weather off the table and suddenly that big bad that was out there that kept the Ice Nation and the Tree Crew from each others’ throats was gone, and that old animosity this season begins to bubble back up and cause a lot of problems because the Ice Queen (Brenda Strong) wants everything.

I love how Clarke and the Ice Nation’s Roan (Zach McGowan) are both warriors who have been isolated from their people, but are also fighting for what’s best for their people. How will we see their dynamic and relationship develop as the season progresses?
By design we have these two characters who, for different reasons – Roan was banished, Clarke put herself into exile by choice – are both in exile and they are both warriors and they are both fiercely loyal to their people. I think one of the ways that we watch it grow, even as early as the first episode or two, is just the realization of that – that they do have a lot in common. We see from the top that Roan is not the scary guy that he appears to be when he first steps on the screen at the end of the premiere.

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Source: Blastr | TV Guide

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