Find Out Who’s In Charge In LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Promo, Sneak Peeks for ‘Pilot, Part 2’

The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW struggle for supremacy in ‘Pilot, Part 2’!

As the quest to find and destroy Vandal Savage before he destroys the world continues, there are some bigger questions at hand for the team on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Mainly, can they get along long enough at save the world? The answer looks at but shaky in these previews for ‘Pilot, Part 2’. Take a look!

The team seems to be having some degree of success when they stop a major arms deal for Vandal Savage, though the villain’s chilling smile promises most trouble to come after the clip’s end.

Oh, and who is that in the background? Arrow villain Damien Darhk, in it from the start all those years ago!

pilot, part 2

Still, this doesn’t mean the Legends have it down yet. A new featurette titled ‘Who’s The Boss?’ shows that there’s a struggle for authority and leadership in the group, particularly between Atom and Captain Cold, that will lead to some trouble during the season.

But at least they can all bask in the glory of their vehicle, The Waverider!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
‘s ‘Pilot, Part 2’ airs tonight on The CW.

pilot, part 2

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