Find Pixar Easter Eggs in INCREDIBLES 2

Disney Pixar films are known for having a few standard Easter eggs in all their films, which is fun for fans to try and spot all of them. Below is a list of Easter eggs that can be found throughout Disney Pixar’s newest movie, Incredibles 2, in case you didn’t catch them the first time around.


A113, a reference to the classroom for animation students at California Institute of Arts where many Disney and Pixar artists studied, can be found in every Disney Pixar movie. In Incredibles 2, you can find it within the fake movie title “DementiA113” on the theater marquee at the end of the movie.

Luxo Ball

The Luxo ball, which is the iconic yellow rubber ball with the blue strip and red star, can be seen in Jack-Jack’s crib in Incredibles 2.

Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

The first Incredibles movie was the only Disney Pixar film that did not have the Pizza Planet truck featured in it. However it did make an appearance in Incredibles 2. The truck is hidden in a dark alley when Elastigirl defeats the Screenslaver.

John Ratzenberger

Actor John Ratzenberger has had a role in every Disney Pixar film beginning with his performance as Hamm in Toy Story. His character in Incredibles 2 is the Underminer villain.

Chinese Food Take-Out Box

This Easter egg is not found in every Disney Pixar movie, but whenever you see a Chinese food take-out box the design on the box is of a single-floor pagoda. It’s featured in Incredibles 2 when the Parr family is eating dinner at the Safari Inn.


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