Find out where Pixar hid THE GOOD DINOSAUR Easter Eggs 

See where the Pizza Planet truck and Luxo ball were hidden in THE GOOD DINOSAUR Easter Eggs video

Pixar has a knack for putting Easter Eggs in all their films, ones that are common images from previous animated films that they’ve done, such as the Pizza Planet truck or the Luxo ball which first made their appearances in the 1995 film Toy Story.

They are usually easier to catch in current-ear films, however, it was a little trickier to add them, and even more so to find them, in last year’s under-appreciated film The Good Dinosar.  But Pixar was able to do it nonetheless, so here’s your look at where those The Good Dinosaur Easter Eggs were hidden!

Check out where that Pizza Planet truck landed, which is hard to spot since it is among a sea of giant asteroids, something that we don’t usually try to take too much search in.

This one is probably even harder to spot if that’s possible, as it’s not only appears for such a brief moment in the film, and a hilarious moment at that, but it’s positioned oddly and placed in a bubble.

Despite its easily to overlook Easter Eggs, The Good Dinosaur is a well-deserved award-winning animated film that Pixar probably feels very proud of.

Source: Yahoo!Movies

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