FINDING DORY Hides In Plain Sight With New Posters

Dory finds some undersea camouflage as she hides in new FINDING DORY posters!

What happens when Dory stops seeking and starts hiding? Four adorable new Finding Dory psoters!

The posters shows Dory the blue tang, best known of her not-so-trusty memory, peeking out from behind different objects in the midst of several deep sea scenarios. They were tweeted out by Ellen Degeneres, who voices Dory, and the Cinemark, AMC, and Regal cinema chains with a new hashtag for the film: #HaveYouSeenHer

In the film, Dory will go out in search of her long lost family and discover her origin story at the California Marine Biology Institute.

finding-dory-04 hides

finding-dory hides

finding-dory-02 hides



By Molly

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