The first CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR clip has arrived!

The first Captain America: Civil War clip debuted last night at the MTV Movie Awards!

In this footage from the upcoming Marvel movie that aired on MTV last night, Captain America, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch attack a compound guarded by seven, heavily armed soldiers looking for the villain Crossbones. The trio shows off some impressive teamwork, including an aerial combo between Captain America and Scarlet Witch reminiscentĀ of a rather famous Wolverine and Colossus attack. Be sure to check out the Captain America: Civil War clip below andĀ let us know your thoughts!

Notably absent from the fight are two of the other ‘new’ Avengers introduced after Age of Ultron, War Machine and Vision, both of whom side with Iron Man over Captain America in the movie. Could this battle take place after civil war breaks out between our heroes?

We’ll all find out together on May 6th, when Captain America: Civil War releases.

Civil War International trailer