First Industry Review of “Reached”!

Today marks the FIVE WEEK mark! That means we have a mere 35 days to wait until we get to read the final novel in the “Matched” trilogy. Ally Condie just made an update to her blog on her site here.

What Ally discussed:

  • What fans can do to get ready for “Reached” including downloading the Widget we’ve been using and engaging in read-alongs of Matched and Crossed
  • Confirmed that “The Killers” song Be Still reminds her of Ky and Xander and us fans should all take a listen to it!
  • Updated the fans on the big review!

OK, so.. the full review will be released October 30, 2012 — two weeks before a novel is going to be published, Kirkus Reviews will release their full review. Until then, we can revel in the fact that it’s a starred review (obviously!) and debate what, exactly, they mean by “medical thriller”. Here is the snippet provided by Kirkus Reviews:

“While staying true to the science fiction and romance at the core of Matched (2010) and Crossed (2011), the trilogy’s breathless finale blossoms into a medical thriller too, adding breadth and resonance.”

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