Get Your First Look At AMERICAN GODS’ Technical Boy


AMERICAN GODS introduces a sleek, modern update for Technical Boy!

American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are giving the world a sneak peek at new god Technical Boy! The character feeds off humans’ adoration and obsession with the Internet. Personality-wise, he’s the entitled, bratty type who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in the war between old and new gods.

In the novel, Technical Boy is often tailing and threatening protagonist Shadow Moon after Shadow becomes the assistant of a powerful old god by the name of Mr. Wednesday. He also runs some big missions to take down old gods on behalf of the new gang.

However, Technical Boy (portrayed by Bruce Langley) proved to be a challenge for the showrunners as his hi-tech nature required some serious updating. After all, technology has changed quite a bit since the book’s release in 2001.

“Technology has gone from something that was the province of the young to something ubiquitous and in your pocket, and the aesthetics of that have changed,” Michael Green told Entertainment Weekly. “Technology very much has a tie into fashion, which goes in cycles and changes overnight … The idea of feeling like you have to feed the beast of what’s new and what’s fresh is very much in his mind.”

Check out the character for yourself!

american gods technical boy

Technical Boy’s contemporary status is so important that his clothing wasn’t even available when the American Gods novel was first released.

“Nothing he’s wearing could have been accomplishable 15 years ago when the book first came out. His clothes reflect modern methods that even we were introduced to for this [show],” said Green.

American Gods come to the STARZ network in early 2017. Before that, the show will make a major appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 22, 2016.

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