First Look At Rick Grimes In Season 6 of THE WALKING DEAD

Rick Grimes at looking out for the worst in Alexandria in this new still from THE WALKING DEAD Season 6.

The Walking Dead‘s main character, Rick Grimes, is at a crossroads. Both literally and figuratively, it would seem!

In his first photo from Season 6, Rick Grimes has ditched the constable’s uniform, put some bandages on those wounds, and is looking out for trouble. He’s stopped his big honkin’ truck in the middle of an intersection and is perched on the side of it, looking a little worse for wear.

rick grimes

Rick’s still comes a few days after the release of new character images for Daryl, Glen, and Maggie. We’ve got to admit, we’re a little bummed that his isn’t quite as exciting.

The Walking Dead will reveal its first full Season 6 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 10th. The new season will begin in October on AMC.


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