Bloodlines 2


Wow, just wow. If you were wondering where Supernatural was headed next, the answer is Chicago.

Bloodlines 3

New still photos from The CW reveal action-packed scenes from the cast of the new Supernatural spinoff, “Supernatural: Bloodlines.”

Sam and Dean encounter Ennis Ross, played by Lucien Laviscount, who is a police academy trainee. 

The Winchester brothers learn from Ennis that Mafia-esque monster families, unknowingly to humans, “run” the underbelly of the metropolis. Claiming to know more about the city, Ennis insists on joining the ghost hunter siblings as he has a personal vendetta against the monsters. 

Werewolves and shape-shifters and hunters, oh my! Be sure to tune into future season 9 episodes to get introduced to the new cast. More more information (and pictures!) check out Ace Showbiz.

Bloodlines 4