First Look at BOSS BABY

Dreamworks shows two clips from new upcoming movie, BOSS BABY. 

The first look at upcoming Dreamworks movie Boss Baby was given at the end of the Trolls panel!

As the panel concluded, the movie’s director Tom McGrath, producer Ramsey Nalto and star Alec Baldwin came onto the stage, and spoke about the movie as well as releasing TWO clips!

The talked about how Boss Baby is built on the idea that children in a sense become the boss of their family, hence the movie title. They also announced a couple another cast members. Steve Buscemi will be voicing the villain, and the parents will be voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmey Kimmel.

In the first clip released, Tim, the movie’s protagonist, finds out his little brother can speak by overhearing him on the phone, and then enters his room armed with a Nerf gun. Boss Baby tells Tim that all his family’s love will now go to him, and that he’s the boss. And although Tim protests, he seems to be worried.

In the second clip shown, Tim has recorded Boss Baby’s voice, and is trying to convince his parents that he has villainous plans. But Boss Baby, along with his team of other babies, are chasing Tim to get the tape. The perspective through which Tim sees everything is much different than his parents. From Tim’s point of view, the chase is full of major explosions. His parents, however, see it as children playing in their yard.

The movie is set to come out in spring of 2017.