First Look: Kristin Chenoweth As AMERICAN GODS’ Easter

AMERICAN GODS shows Kristin Chenoweth all dolled up as ancient goddess Easter!

At San Diego Comic-Con, American Gods announced Kristin Chenoweth joining the cast as Easter, an ancient goddess who struggles with her validity. Unlike many of the Old Gods, Easter, a Pagan goddess of fertility, believes that she’s still celebrated. The Christian holiday uses her symbolism– bunnies and eggs– but a meeting with Shadow Moon and his boss, Mr Wednesday, helps her realize that she’s not as beloved as she thinks.

“Easter is very, very pissed that Jesus took her holiday,” Kristin Chenoweth said of the character, who Wednesday approaches to aid him in his war between the Old Gods and the arrogant gods of the new age.

Executive producer Bryan Fuller posted the first image of Chenoweth as Easter on his Twitter account with the caption “Easter in her Easter bonnet with all her frills upon it.”

Easter is certainly an ostentatious character and the show seems to be doing that justice!

American Gods is set the air on STARZ in early 2017.

By Molly

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