First Stills From PAPER TOWNS Surface Online

The first stills from PAPER TOWNS are here, unofficially.

Though we’ve not quite sure how they find their way online, the first stills from the movie adaptation of John Green’s PAPER TOWNS are here!

Your instinct may be to focus on the photo of Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff as Margo and Quentin (and go ahead and do that!), but also take note of the three stills on the right side. From top to bottom, they appear to be: a design team member at work, Quentin sitting in the car talking to Mr. Spiegelman (Tom Hillmann), and Cara Delevingne popping her heard around a corner between takes.


We’re not quite sure where this first came from, but it’s likely either an industry magazine or a photo-based movie companion in the works.

John Green has already teased fans about seeing the movie trailer:

However, truly official releases from the film have yet to come. Let’s hope they get here soon!