First Trailer for Disney/Pixar’s INSIDE OUT


Disney/Pixar are traveling through the deepest (and most hilarious) of emotions in the new trailer for INSIDE OUT, directed by UP and MONSTERS, INC. helmer Pete Docter.

With Inside Out, Docter tackles the story of 11-year-old Riley, whose father’s new job uproots the family from their small Midwest town to bustling San Francisco. Immersed in a brand-new school surrounded by unfamiliar faces, Riley struggles to understand her unpredictable emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith), who operate in a high-tech mission control center located in Riley’s mind. The feature alternates between scenes in Riley’s real-world environment and the far-flung depths of her mind, as explored by Joy.

According to Docter, INSIDE OUT was inspired by his daughter, Elie, and her transformation from young girl to teen:

“[As parents] we were like, ‘Wow, that’s so unlike her, what’s going on her brain?’ And that’s what lead to the heart of the story—the question of what goes on inside our own minds.”

INSIDE OUT will be out on June 19, 2015.