Read The First Two Chapters of TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, Plus Tour Dates

TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN excerpt introduces Aza Holmes!

On Tuesday, John Green released a video in which he read the first chapter of his upcoming novel Turtles All The Way Down, which follows a 16-year-old named Aza Holmes as she tries to solve a mystery while also battling with anxiety-induced thought spirals.

Today, the first two chapters were released in written form via Buzzfeed.

Check out John reading Chapter 1:

Here’s a taste of Chapter 2:

The fear had mostly sweated out of me, but as I walked from the cafeteria to history class, I couldn’t stop myself from taking out my phone and rereading the horror story that is the “Human Microbiota” Wikipedia article. I was reading and walking when I heard my mother shout at me through her open classroom door. She was seated behind her metal desk, leaning over a book. Mom was a math teacher, but reading was her great love.

“No phones in the hallway, Aza!” I put my phone away and went into her classroom. There were four minutes remaining in my lunch period, which was the perfect length for a Mom conversation. She looked up and must’ve seen something in my eyes. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“You’re not anxious?” she asked. At some point, Dr. Singh had told Mom not to ask if I was feeling anxious, so she’d stopped phrasing it as a direct question.

“I’m fine.”

“You’ve been taking your meds,” she said. Again, not a direct question.

“Yeah,” I said, which was broadly true. I’d had a bit of a crack-up my freshman year, after which I was prescribed a circular white pill to be taken once daily. I took it, on average, maybe thrice weekly.

“You look…” Sweaty, is what I knew she meant.

“Who decides when the bells ring?” I asked. “Like, the school bells?”

“You know what, I have no idea. I suppose that’s decided by someone on the superintendent’s staff.”

“Like, why are lunch periods 37 minutes long instead of 50? Or 22? Or whatever?”

“Your brain seems like a very intense place,” Mom answered.

“It’s just weird, how this is decided by someone I don’t know and then I have to live by it. Like, I live on someone else’s schedule. And I’ve never even met them.”

“Yes, well, in that respect and many others, American high schools do rather resemble prisons.”


Additionally, the author has announced that he’ll be heading on tour with his brother and fellow entertainer Hank Green. The two will discuss Turtles All The Way Down, answer audience questions, and play some live music!

You can find out more about the tour and how to snag tickets at

Turtles All The Way Down is out on October 10, 2017. Find out where you can pre-order a (probably) signed copy of the novel at



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