Five #WickedReads That Will Chill You To The Bone (+ BLOOD AND SALT Giveaway)

Halloween is just around the corner and we bet you’re the mood for some seriously spooky YA books! Well, we’ve got your back.

With a little inspiration from the #WickedReads campaign, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite creepy YA that will get you in the spirit!


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Now, on to the eerie titles we love!

Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett

blood and salt

Ash’s mother left the Quivira, a cult dictated by a little-known ancient legend, but that doesn’t she’s escaped it. Ash and her twin brother, Rhys, were raised on Quivira mysticism. It would be hard to believe it all, but Ash has been plagued by visions of a bloodied dead girl since her youth, so either the legends have meaning or she’s losing her mind. When their mother suddenly abandons them to return to the Quivira and fulfill a deadly prophecy, Ash and Rhys race to Kansas to find her. But what lies hidden among the Quivira is so devastating, they all face death in its midst.

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by Various Authors


If one thriller isn’t enough, how about several in one book? This anthology features a slew on renowned authors scaring you from multiple angles. Ghosts, cults, demons, and murderers? They’re all there, plus some! We guarantee you’ll be ready the hide under the covers after sinking your teeth into this one!

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna is a rage-filled ghost donning a white dress covered in dripping blood. She’s killed everyone she’s ever encountered. Cas is a skilled supernatural hunter whose thirst to destroy the undead was only amplified after a ghost killed his father years ago. But when Anna and Cas meet, something unexpected happens– they spare each other. Can the two unravel the curse that binds Anna to her awful state?

The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


Mara Dyer woke up from a horrific accident to discover that her friends are dead and she has no memory of any of it. In her new home and school, Mara notices a disturbing trend. Inexplicable things are happening around her. Either she’s being hunted or she’s going insane, but it all seems to trace back to the acciden. A mystifying boy from school may be the only person who can help her find answers.

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd


Inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau, this novel explores the science of sheer terror. Juliet hasn’t seen her father since he was accused of gruesome experiments on humans and animals alike and disappeared suddenly. But when a strange series of clues come together, she finds him on a remote tropical island. As her father remains suspicious and secluded in his own home, caught up in unnatural sciences, the island’s small society is being murdered. Can Juliet, her father’s assistant, and a new companion she saved during the journey solve the mystery before it’s too late?

We loved one of these books so much, we want you to have a chance to read it too! Just enter via our Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win Blood and Salt from The Fandom!

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By Kait

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