THE FLASH 2.17 Recap – ‘Flash Back’

The Flash destroys the timeline but gets new speed secrets in “Flash Back”!

We’re back with another recap of The Flash! While “Flash Back” was definitely a sweet, fun episode, it gave us a whole boatload of anxiety while simultaneously ignoring all the rules about time travel!


Barry has turned emo kid and is obsessing over gaining his speed to stop Zoom. Iris is also feeling blue– She tells Barry about her date and admits to missing Eddie. It’s clear that both of them are struggling with how they could have done things differently in the past.

Barry sees only one solution: Go back in time and have Eobard Thawne teach him about how to increase his speed. Harry gives the obvious response: This is absolutely crazypants and could disastrously change the course of history.

Naturally, Barry does it anyway with the help of Cisco and Caitlin.


Of course, he comes back too early and has to battle himself to knock himself out. He then changes things by stopping Hartley’s escape. On top of that, there’s no way Eobard Thawne doesn’t realize that Barry is on to him.

A disturbing new creature, a Time Wraith, is on the attack. Cisco refers to it as a Dementor, which is so very wonderful.


Barry not-so-wisely admits that he’s seen the Time Wraith before and Eobard immediately takes him captive.


Barry straight-up admits he’s from the future, but lies about Thawne’s death. He somehow convinces Reverse-Flash NOT to kill him and to train him. Whaaaaat?


Meanwhile, Cisco is persistently rickrolling Hartley and quizzing him about his technology when the Time Wraith appeared, trapping Hartley, Cisco, and Caitlin in the cell together.


Hartley’s gauntlets have a frequency that, luckily, drives off the Wraith. Still, the race is on to find out exactly how the creature can be beat!


And then Barry walks in on himself. Awkwaaaaard!


The secret that Barry will someday be able to time travel is out. And there are a lot of questions. Like last year’s episode in which Gideon shows the group The Flash of the future, Cisco is mainly concerned about the effects of costume design.


Trying to avoid any more changes in the timeline, Eobard Thawne gives Barry a flash drive that explains the key to his increased speed: Tachyon Enhancement. With that, Barry can say goodbye to.. well… himself.


Barry goes back to his time, but there’s a big problem: Cisco’s solution to destroy the Time Wraith doesn’t work. But you know who’s solution works? HARTLEY FREAKIN RATHAWAY’S!


Yup, he’s still alive and not evil and actually working with the team at STAR Labs on a regular basis now that he didn’t escape that prison call. We’re actually quite happy about this because Andy Mientus is great as Hartley and hopefully, we’ll be getting more of him.

Still, there has to be more fallout from the time travel. WHERE IS IT?!

With everything settled, Barry goes to Iris and shows her a message from Eddie recorded for her birthday.

And so we get a sweet episode about facing down the past and Barry prepares for his future: Facing Zoom!

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