THE FLASH 2.19 Recap – “Back To Normal”

THE FLASH is back and not himself in our “Back To Normal” recap!

We return to our weekly Flash recaps in the middle of a new existential crisis for Barry Allen: Zoom has just taken his powers and Caitlin Snow. There doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight, but Barry is doing okay adjusting to a normal life.



Barry is miserable, but he’s trying to put on a brave face and be part of the team. Thankfully, his insecurities lead to a really sweet West-Allen moment in which iris reminds Barry that its his spirit that’s always made him a hero to so many. *single tear* More of this, please!


Iris’ brother Wally has deduced that Joe knows The Flash and he’s desperate to set up a meeting. The once cocky young man is feeling pretty humbled by his near-death experience and he needs to have a face-to-face with the man who saved him. Joe isn’t too keen on the idea.


Meanwhile, with Zoom on the loose again, Harrison Wells is desperate to protect his daughter, Jesse. He’s found a way to find her: People from Earth-2 exist on a different frequency, creating cellular dead zones on Earth-1.


He’s able to trace down the dead zone where Jesse resides, but that doesn’t mean she’ll just come home. Her dad may have saved her life in the end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy. Plenty of his decisions led to their tough journey through life.


Jesse kicks Harrison out… aaaaand he’s probably abducted by a metahuman with a bone to pick. His name is Griffin Grey and he has superhuman strength, but he ages at a rapid pace every time he uses powers. He’s 18-years-old, but appears to be around 40.


With Harrison’s guns and their wits, the group tries to outwit Griffin. It doesn’t go too well, particularly for Barry, who still seems to think he can easily outdo the enemy and finds himself humbled.


They need to find out more about Griffin’s molecular structure and gene sequencing, but Caitlin isn’t around to help. Thankfully, when Jesse joins back up in light of her father’s disappearance, she’s got the skills they need to take on the role for a while.


Speaking of Caitlin, she’s having quite the time over on Earth-2!

We’ve got to admit, we weren’t totally impressed with Teddy Sears as goody-goody Jay Garrick in the beginning of the season. It felt stiff. But damn does he play a wonderful psychotic villain!

Hunter/Zoom is wildly obsessed with Caitlin and wants to control her life, because she was right in the last episode– He did develop feelings for her. So of course, he can never, ever let her go.


However, he does let her roam freely all over his inescapable lair where she makes a shocking discovery: Her doppelganger, Killer Frost!


The two make a deal. If Caitlin gets Killer Frost out of Zoom’s prison for her, Killer Frost will help Caitlin get out of Zoom’s lair.

Back in Central City, Jesse has figured out the secret to defeating Griffin Grey. Each major use of energy– a punch, a throw, etc.– ages him even further. All the team needs to do is wear him down to old age without getting killed in the process.

Cisco gets Felicity Smoak to hook them up with some dwarf star alloy for Barry’s suit to tempt Griffin into a fight while keeping Barry protected, but there’s a catch:


The plan works, but Barry comes thisclose to dying a couple times. And Griffin? He actually wears himself out so much that he does die. Cheery.

Elsewhere, Caitlin has a few interesting conversations with Killer Frost, including a short one about The Man In The Iron Mask. The villain “doesn’t know, doesn’t care” who the man is… BUT WE CARE! Obviously this character has a huge affect on the series! So many secrets!

Of course, when Caitlin finally gets Killer Frost out, she immediately tries to kill Caitlin. Zoom is the love with their image and he only needs one of them, after all.


(Yes, Killer Frost. Every single thing about this team’s track record suggests they are.)

Before the baddie can get in her kill, however. Zoom returns and kills her! It’s a bit sad because Killer Frost was such a fun character, but she’s not a major part of the story and HOLY CRAP that was exciting!

From there, Zoom decides that if Caitlin misses her Earth so much, he’ll just have to conquer it and make everyone there his slaves!

Though the episode has been trying, it ends on a great note as Barry, disguised in his Flash suit, has a short but poignant talk with Wally, who is– as the British say– chuffed to speak to his new idol.


When Barry returns, he talks to Harrison Wells about his dilemma and need to save Caitlin. And Harrison comes up with a plan so wild, IT JUST MIGHT WORK.


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