THE FLASH 2.20 Recap – “Rupture”

THE FLASH gives fans big family moments and a wild twist in “Rupture”!

The Flash surprised us all this week with poignant episode for a secondary character that ends in a massive heart attack from the entire STAR Labs crew and audiences all over the world! If this episode didn’t make you feel all the things, we’re pretty sure you’re not fully human.

Barry remains without his powers and for the most part, that’s working for him. Cisco has developed a hologram version of The Flash that has been helpful at deterring crime around Central City.


And it’s working, but the team knows it won’t protect Central City from Zoom or save Caitlin. Harry is insistent that Barry needs to get his speed back through another particle accelerator explosion.

Barry goes to visit the only person with a clean perspective on the situation: His dad, Henry. Who casually drops the fact that his mother’s maiden name was Garrick… and Barry knows nothing about his heritage. But this clearly means something! Our guess? Henry is the man in the Iron Mask on Earth-2. The REAL Jay Garrick!

Henry isn’t keen on Barry’s dilemma, but makes the choice to head back to Central City to support his son.

Barry’s also getting amazing support from Iris, who’s finally, finally making her feelings for Barry known to him. She knows he’s facing a difficult decision and she’s giving him a huge, beautiful message: She doesn’t need him to be a hero, she just needs him to be with her.


But the support isn’t proving to be enough. Zoom is infiltrated Earth-1, evicted the police department, and started gathering metahumans!

Cisco discovers the metahuman fact the hard way. After having a vibe about his brother Dante, Cisco meets up with him. It turns out Dante is doing just fine and is just as dick-ish as ever with little interest in connecting with his brother and Cisco’s vibe wasn’t about him. As they leave, they’re attacked by Rupture, a badass scythe-wielding Earth-2 metahuman who just happens to be Dante’s doppelgänger. He think Cisco killed Reverb and he is out for blood!


The attack ends with Cisco taking Dante back to STAR Labs and reluctantly explaining the different Earths and his metahuman powers. It’s definitely a tough but touching moment for anyone who has had a not-so-perfect relationship with a sibling.


Meanwhile, Zoom has Caitlin locked up in the Central City Police precinct. He’s still convinced that he’ll eventually get Caitlin to love him, but he’s getting frustrated with her resistance.


When Zoom discovers the police have set up shop at Jitters (Was the coffee shop THE BEST OPTION in the whole city?!), he tells Rupture to kill everyone there and make his power known. Thankfully, he placed Caitlin right next to an evidence box with a fully function, charged cell phone with no lock on it, so she’s able to text a message to STAR Labs!

Knowing the danger ahead, Barry still decides not to attempt the particle accelerator re-enactment. With the police warned, they set up a trap for Rupture. His power runs through his scythe, so after some Flash hologram distraction and a few good taser shots, the baddie is rendered useless.

Unfortunately, a local news camera crew gets a whiff of the action very early and through them, so does Zoom. Realizing that Caitlin betrayed him yet again, he decides to head to Jitters himself. He kills every person besides Barry, Joe, and Captain Singh, then uses the news camera to tell Central City all about his domination.


Riddled with guilt, Barry finally decides it’s time to get his powers back.


The group locks Wally and Jesse in Eobard Thawne’s old hideout and prepares for the worst. Harrison Wells has carefully mixed the chemicals and set up a containment space, he sends Cisco to the roof with the wand he created to defeat Weather Wizard in order to strike Barry with lightning again.


As things start up, Wally and Jesse escape their semi-cell, because they’re curious and sick of feeling useless. Which makes sense– Jesse is a genius, Wally is an engineering student… They could probably be more helpful to the project than Joe, Iris, or Henry.

Barry is in pain, but all seems to be going well…

Until suddenly, it’s not.


Barry seemingly disintegrates into a wall of particle accelerator energy, which then travels through STAR Labs and hits Wally and Jesse.


At this point, our feelings are super mixed. On one side, YAAAAAAAS Wally and Jesse have their speedster powers now! But on the other, Barry is gone and everyone is devastated. We know he’s not gone for good (because… duh) but how long will his “death” go on?

This is certainly the cliffiest cliffhanger we’ve seen so far and it is killing us! Is it Tuesday yet?!


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