THE FLASH 2.22 Recap – “Invincible”

The Metapolcaypse dawned, Barry played The Savior role, and disaster struck once again in the latest episode of The Flash titled “Invincible”!

It all starts of with Zoom unleashing all of the metahumans under his reign for Earth-2 on to Earth-1. They’re tearing up Central City (thankfully, an effort to take over the whole world falls fully within city limits,) as seen with the destruction of Mercury Lab. But man, this scene… There clearly wasn’t enough money in the budget for it because holy half-baked CGI, Flashman!


Still, Barry remains uber positive, similar to a near-death survivor. A higher power– the Speedforce– is on their side and wants Barry to defeat Zoom, so he thinks it will be a sure shot no matter what. The rest of the gang is a little worried by his constant cheer, because Zoom’s metas are still kicking the crap outta their city.


But Zoom has done one thing for the S.T.A.R. Labs team: He let Caitlin go. They can use of expertise, but Caitlin is haunted. She’s still seeing flashes of Jay everywhere she goes, waiting for him to show up and kill her.


In the middle of the chaos, Wally is having a much different sort of existential crisis. The metas are taking over and he wants to fight them, even though he’s just a normal guy without any weapons or protection. Why? He needs to justify his life being saved to The Flash.


While misguided, Wally is still helpful. When The Flash finally comes face-to-face with this beautiful but destructive Earth-2 badass…


…he only survives because mid-Siren cry, Wally drives up and HITS HER WITH HIS CAR. Yaaaaaaas!

Back at the lab, it’s Cisco and Harry coming up with the main plan to defeat the metas. Earth-2 residents’ brains work on a different frequency than Earth-1 residents– hence why Cisco’s vibing glasses didn’t work on Earth-2 several episodes back– and the two have found a way to disrupt that frequency and incapacitate the Earth-2 metas.

Of course, Cisco is testing this all on Harry.


There’s one problem: Black Siren is going to destroy a high-rise housing hundreds of families before they can send the frequency distortion throughout the city. So a form of distraction is deployed before Earth-2 Laurel Lance can do the unthinkable.


Cisco and Caitlin pretending to be Reverb and Killer Frost! They’re trying to convince Black Siren to go against Zoom and just their team, much like Reverb did to Cisco on Earth-2. And hilariously, utterly failing! It’s everything we ever wanted, guys.

Black Siren catches on pretty quickly and while he manages some sort of air blast to knock her back, he can’t do it twice. But thankfully, The Flash manages to disrupt the Earth-2 frequency, taking down Black Siren and the other meta-humans just in time.

Except for this guy, who can apparently punch holes into other dimensions!


Still, Zoom has lost all of his outside support and it’s a big moment for Team Flash, who finally feel like they have the upper hand!


The whole group celebrates in the same way they do at the end of multiple episodes: A big dinner at Joe’s house. And big things are happening there: everyone is cheery, Henry and Christine McGee and Mercury Labs are smitten, and Barry and Iris become OFFICIAL.


But they’ve all seemingly forgotten that Zoom is still out there. Zoom hasn’t forgotten them.

He sweeps in, steals Henry Allen (how did he know he was there?!) and convinced that he can make Barry understand his feelings and make him the same, he sends Barry’s life into tailspin once again.


Just when Barry accepted the death of his mother, this happens. We didn’t think Henry would become a series regular, so it makes sense that he’d be the one to go just as Barry seemed to get him back. Plus, it gives us this moment:


And we officially know that when the season finale comes, IT’S ON!


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