THE FLASH Returns With Prison Break Reunion and Reverse Flash

It’s a Prison Break reunion tonight!  Some of our favorite network shows are returning this week, and tonight, we’re going to have fun with The Flash, as we get to see Prison Break co-stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell chew up their scenes together.

Warning: Slight spoilers revealed in this post regarding the first half of the season of The Flash.

The Flash reunites Prison Break co-stars as villains

This time, they’re playing the baddies as Miller returns to reprise his role from the first half of the season as Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold.  This time, he’s brought co-villain Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave.  I loved watching these two together in the popular aughts series Prison Break.  They really complemented each other well as brothers on that show, and now they get a chance to relive that experience.  Producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say about the duo:

“It was amazing being on set with them because they were so happy to be together and they just kept both saying, ‘Thank you so much; this is so much fun,’” said Kreisberg. “Snart is the cool, calm, collected one and Mick is the hothead. And in episode 16 we’ve got Snart’s sister, [played by] Peyton List. Just having Wentworth was amazing and then you add Dominic to it and it just gets bigger and then you add Peyton to it and it becomes a whole different thing.”

However, this is just the beginning of the second half of the season, and we’re going to see a lot more challenges for the Scarlet Speedster (as compared to the Yellow Speedster, who is actually referred to as ‘Reverse Flash’).

“We have Pied Piper played by Andy Mientus, who’s in two episodes, who’s great. We have Liam McIntyre as the Weather Wizard — continuing our strong run of stealing from ‘Spartacus.’ And Mark Hamill is The Trickster. It was an idea that we had early on. We’re actually going to have both the James Jesse Trickster and Axel Walker Trickster. So the episode is called ‘Tricksters.’ There’s a lot of callbacks to the old show… but it’s a [new] version of the character. Geoff Johns and I got to talk to Mark on the phone and he said he couldn’t believe his luck that his two favorite roles had come back to him this year. That made us really happy and we’re really excited about it.”

reverse flash

The story of the Reverse Flash is obviously going to be a continuing storyline, at least for this season, and the identity as the STAR Labs mentor Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) to the audience in the mid-season finale is apparently, according to Grant Gustin, “not necessarily the whole truth… There’s a lot more to it.  There are really still a lot of twists and turns with that. There’s still a big, big twist to come that caught me completely off guard when I heard about it.”

Oookay.  Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Gustin.

Part of that twist may have to do with Rick Cosnett’s character, Eddie Thawne, as Kreisberg has stated that he has a “connection to the Reverse Flash lore [that] is going to pay off big time in the back half of the year.”

In regards to Barry Allen’s confession of love to his best friend Iris (Candice Patton), Gustin had this to say:

“Now that he knows the Reverse Flash is out there, he confirmed to Barry’s face that he is the one that killed Barry’s mom, so Barry knows that he hasn’t been chasing a ghost his whole life and this is real. He’s training for that. As far as their relationship, Barry’s just moving forward and Iris is really important to him. He hasn’t given up even a little bit. He is, for the time being, moving on and he is with somebody else in the near future. But the tables have kind of turned and Iris is the awkward one now between [them], because now she knows and maybe she’s kind of ignoring some feelings that she really does have, or doesn’t realize that she has. They’re actually in a pretty good place. Not immediately, but moving forward they’re in a pretty good place in the next couple episodes.”

And of course, Barry’s recurring visits to his dad is still going to be a big part of the season:

“Their relationship is becoming more and more honest. One of the reasons I think the scenes between Barry and his father are so emotional and heavy right now is because Barry’s keeping such a big thing from him for his safety. It’s killing him that he hasn’t told his dad and he hasn’t told Iris. That will change in the near future between Barry and his father. Things will become more and more honest, which is I think a big weight off of Barry’s shoulders.”

But for now, let’s just watch our lovely Prison Break brothers try to break The Flash tonight!


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