THE FLASH Season 2 Soundtrack Details

THE FLASH soundtrack for Season 2 will be released this month.

The music of The Flash, like multiple television shows, creates a stir of emotion. These emotions tug at the strings of the heart either in a painful or happy way. And the best way to mend a broken heart or fill it with happiness is music. Which is why Blake Neely composed The Flash soundtrack.

Blake Neely, is a composer, of not only The Flash soundtrack, but other television shows – such as Arrow, Supergirl, and etc. He composed the soundtrack for Season 1 of The Flash, and created another riveting soundtrack, recently, for Season 2.

The soundtrack was released this month and you can order it now.

The track list for the album is below:

  1. How It Ended / Reluctant Hero
  2. Harrison’s Will / Henry Released
  3. Jay Garrick Warns of a Man Called Zoom
  4. Stein Explains a Multiverse
  5. Family of Rogues
  6. Joe Tells Iris the Truth About Her Mother
  7. The New Firestorm
  8. Staged Fight to Lure Zoom
  9. The Face of Your Hero
  10. Grodd Into the Breach
  11. Vandal Savage Arrives
  12. Who Is Kendra? / Hawkman Cometh
  13. Savage Attack, a Legend Is Born
  14. You Have a Son, His Name Is Wally
  15. Let It Snow Villains
  16. Sending Reverse Flash Back / Wells Betrays
  17. Welcome to Earth-2
  18. Hello, Breachers
  19. Hunting and Electrifying King Shark
  20. The Right Decision
  21. Who Is Hunter Zolomon?
  22. Ready to Save the World
  23. Stuck in the Speed Force
  24. Black Siren in Central City
  25. The Race of His Life
  26. I Will Wait for You

Soundtrack for Season 1 of The Flash:

Season 3 of The Flash will premiere on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. (EST).



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